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In the end, he decided that his experiment had failed and sealed the secret underground laboratory for good. Rex appeared as a secret client. When Gerard and Jim's team moved to the transaction place to deliver the research sample, he welcomed them by waves of zombies. However, the team still survived. Rex finally revealed himself. He mentioned about his Super Soldier Program to create a super soldier that will be useful for human kinds.

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However, his experiment failed. Instead of super soldier, zombies are born and the viruses are viral. Rex became the main boss in Paranoia chapter. After being infected, he transformed into a gigantic zombie which has a mixed appearance from other zombies except the poison snakes on his back , for example, he has Oberon's claw, Fallen Titan's hand and Revenant's armor.

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Rex can protect himself in an egg-shaped blue shield, which will release a shock wave afterwards. Later, he appears in Madness as the final boss at Round 5.

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Players must annihilate him to achieve the final victory. Rex appointing Daily Mission Allstar hud portrait Add a photo to this gallery. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Frozen Terror.

The 100 Hardest Video-Game Bosses, Ranked

Neid and Zavist. Rex words in Envymask chapter. Contents [ show ]. Rex appointing Daily Mission. We don't have to read down to this job-seeker's career experience to see how he or she can help us, if we need help with IT Projects. If we don't, we'll just ignore the resume, and that is the way our job-seeker wants it! That's a good decision! Boilerplate, done-to-death corporate zombie filler is the worst kind of language to use in your resume. When you tell us about the jobs you've held already, don't tell us what the tasks and duties in the job were. We can pretty well figure out your duties from your job titles.

Tell us what you got done in each job, instead, by sharing a quick Dragon-Slaying Story.

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A Dragon-Slaying Story is a short story about a time when you saved the day or made something better at work, like this:. Stories pack a lot of punch. You only need to share one or two short Dragon-Slaying Stories for each job you've held. More stories than that will tire the reader out, because as he reads he is picturing you in action, inside his head.

Look how much powerful information you've packed into this little story! You knew you had to act. You stepped into a tangled billing issue that may have taken hours to resolve. That is painstaking, gnarly work that a lot of people hate to do, especially when the customer is angry. A lot of working people are not as switched on and tuned in as you are.

That's what your story conveys to the reader -- your awareness of your surroundings! Sad to say, most people go to sleep at their desks and would rather let the customer wait for the boss's return than jump in to solve the customer's problem.

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  • Your resume tells a story -- the story of your career. You've got include transitions so the reader knows why you left each job and began the new one.

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    You can do that in a bullet point, like this:. Now your departure from Acme is crystal clear. Killer's Diary interview. Pinkerton plays all the right notes. Highly recommended. Publishers Dorchester Publishing published mass market paperback genre fiction under its Leisure Books imprint from to Books in Motion is a pioneer in the audio book industry and has been producing high-quality audio books in the unabridged format since Crossroad Press , formed in , publishes digital, print and audiobooks in a variety of genres, including horror, sci-fi and mystery.

    Shocking twists and a smash-up ending make this a highly winning thriller. When you think the story has ended and you have it all figured out, keep reading, then keep reading some more. It is a fascinating concept.

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    And it works Hardcover Paperback Ebook Audiobook In a secret lab, a team of doctors and scientists funded by a mysterious billionaire create the first human replica entirely from technology. The robot is prepared to host the digitized consciousness of Tom Nolan, a family man suffering from a terminal illness. When the experiment draws the attraction of spies, Tom is caught up in an international crisis with a showdown that could change the course of the world. Pinkerton wields fast pacing and an entertaining, electrifying plot A must read if you need a little near-future terror. James, author of Q Island "Pinkerton is truly a master when it comes to action scenes.

    They are thrilling, fast-paced and will leave you breathless What began as a dream vacation to a tropical island paradise turned into a nightmare journey through the darkest corners of the human soul. The growing zombie population has chosen Chaz to be their leader. The city streets become a battleground for The Hunger War.