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Includes portrait frontispiece. In French! An elegantly bound eighteen volume edition of Harpe's famous essays, Cours de Litterature. Direct from the library at Newton Hall, the 18th century country house and estate in Northumberland, with a pencil shelfmark to the front Two leatherbound volumes with marble paper covered boards and gilt titles to the spine.

It received A very scarce work on physiology. With ink stamps of the Birmingham Medical Institute to title page and endpapers. Volume IV only. Bookplate of John Davies, M. A French treaty with paper spine. This is a French treaty regarding public passages, roads, towpaths and footpaths, streets etc. A scarce collection of short tales from Pauline Guizot, wife of the famous historian Francois Guizot.

Illustrated with five engraved plates. Two volumes bound in one. The complete three volumes of Clement Marot's works. With a portrait frontispiece of Marot to volume I. Clement Marot was a French poet of the Renaissance era. He began his career in the time of the Rhetoriqueurs, A scarce French language volume on the regulation of waterways by Alfred Daviel. Daviel was a French lawyer who was later appointed Minister of Justice in the last cabinet of the Second Republic.

He was a noted supported of the Bonaparte Louis Philippe, comte de Segur was a French diplomat and historian, broadly sympathetic to the Revolution of As such, he would become a An early nineteenth century Parisian edition of Scarron's picaresque romance. Avec une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de l'auteur; Nouvelle Edition ornee du portrait de Scarron et d'un fac simile de son ecriture.

Complete in The first volume in a French language, thirty volume set on French history. Written by Guizot during his tenure as Professor of Modern History at the Sorbonne, this particular volume focusses on the founding of the French monarchy in A collection of French songs from the early nineteenth century, with sheet music to the rear. With engraved frontispiece and vignette title page.


Prepared in secret by the three children of Lady Francis Wedderburn and performed in the Theatre at L'hotel de Noailles in October An attractively bound collection of the works of Plutarch, in French. In a cathedral-style Thouvenin binding. Including Fabius Maximus, Nicias, Ciceron and many others. Printed in two columns. A french medical text, detailing the use of Chemistry in relation to medicine. With numerous illustrative diagrams to the rear. Volume One of Two. An Italian translation of a French romantic novel. The author of this work is not known.

With an introduction by Giovanni Rosini. Rosini was an Italian writer and Professor of Italian Literature Divided into two parts. This is Foulan's best-known work. Corneille 20 August 8 December was a French dramatist.

Notre-Dame de Paris: «C’est le cœur de la nation qui est en flammes»

With a presentation bookplate A scarce Nineteenth Century guide to Falaise, France. Situated in the Basse-Normandie region of northwestern France, the town is notable for being the birthplace of William the Conquerer, and has a castle of his in the area. A scarce history of the reign of Charles X and his family. A scarce work of French literature in a decorative calf binding. With the armorial bookplate of William Phillips to the front pastedowns. Leon de Villeran is associated with French playwright Armand-Jean Written by Amedee Pichot, a French novelist, With an illustrated frontispiece and an additional two plates.

Jean-Nicolas Bouilly was a French playwright, librettist, children's writer. Some of Bouilly's work has been Including information on anatomy, pathology, surgery, childbirth, botanical and medical therapy, A new edition of this short novel from Swiss author, Isabelle de Montolieu. Bound by R. A finely bound edition of the picaresque masterpiece Gil Blas illustrated by famous French lithographer and illustrator Jean Gigoux.

With illustrations by Jean Gigoux. A nineteenth-century edition of the picaresque masterpiece Gil Blas. Gil Blas is considered to be the last masterpiece of the picaresque genre. Gil Blas is related to Lesage's play Turcaret With small vignette illustrations throughout. The scarce fifth edition of this collection of poetry from celebrated French authors. With engraved frontispiece. Including poems by Horace, Racine, La Fontaine and many more. The eighth volume of the works of Honor Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau. Mirabeau 9 March 2 April was a French revolutionary, as well as a writer, diplomat, journalist and French politician.

He was a popular The first edition of this dictionary of recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Complete with the eleven engraved plates to the rear Vicaire only calls for eight. Needs a rebind ideally as this is a very important Bound in half leather with gilt detailing to the spine, marble paper covered board, marbled foredge, and marble paper pastedowns. This is a dictionary of Latin words with French translations. This is volume 1 only of a 2 volume The book tells the true story of Marie-Aimee Gillet, born in Richelieu in Charles Paul de Kock was a French novelist.

His bibliography was extensive having written over A full mottled leather binding, with engraved frontispiece, illustrated title page and full page plate internally. A french short story, referred to as the new Robinson Crusoe, written in fourteen chapters.

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Fragonard has drawn intricate borders for every page of the book, alongside a frontispiece A nicely bound copy of this famous novel by Xavier-Boniface Saintine An early edition of this novel, which was first published in With a vignette to title page. In the original French A fourth edition of Nougaret's scarce Aventures les plus Remarquables des Marins.

Fourth Edition. Pierre-Jean-Baptiste Nougaret, , was a French man of letters A novel by French author Frederic Soulie Complete in two volumes, bound as one.

French Books

Frederic Soulie was a popular French novelist and playwright. In total his bibliography With an illustrated frontispiece to each volume. Two volumes bound as one. Written by Francois Mignet, a French journalist and historian of the Text is in French. With a life of Le Sage by Jules Janin. Includes a frontispiece and a decorative half title. An English translation of this story of a condemned prisoner from Victor Hugo. With observations on capital punishment by Sir P. Hesketh Fleetwood. A two volume set of this work by Alphonse de Lamartine. With a note in French signed by LamartineAlphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine was a French writer, poet and politician who was instrumental in the Two volumes of the works of Alphonse de Lamartine.

Two volumes of eight only.

Mémoire sur la vie et les ouvrages de l'empereur Manuel Paléologue

A scarce early French language edition of this novel by Balzac. Contains ink inscription The beautifully illustrated edition of L'Ane Mort, with engraved plates and illustrations by Tony Johannot, in a decorative binding. Bound in half paper-vellum and marbled paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering and decoration. A Nineteenth Century travel book, describing the author's journeys throughout Normandy. First edition. With a handwritten letter tucked inside, in which the writer sends her best wishes to a Natalie and her brother, An uncommon copy of Etienne Cabet's Communist utopian novel.

Both enduring classics of Greek literature, the volumes here are embellished with illustrative plates and vignettes throughout, many The hero of the novel is the mysterious A mid nineteenth century key to M. Bound in the original wraps, with a decorative border and cricket insignia. The titles and prefatory note are in English, with the rest of the text in French. An attractively bound copy of Pascal's magnum opus from the library of Elizabeth Greenly, here in the original French. Elizabeth Greenly, born A copy of this collection of Spanish folk songs and stories, translated into French with notes.

Two volumes bound as one, complete. A charming little set of Joseph Marie Eugene Sue's popular serial novel. A very scarce French language Nineteenth Centrury slave account. The book is an account and plan of the French Chamber of Deputies, including portraits of the main speakers of the chamber, as well as a pull out plan.

Contains bookplate Leatherbound volume with gilt title to the spine. Elisabeth of Hungary German: St. She was born A very early edition of Bouillets iconic work, which enjoyed so much popularity that Bouillet became a synonym in French for a dictionary. The work ran to a total of 34 editions between and Its low price and accessibility A set of French memoirs of numerous important and influential people, compiled and edited by Jean-Francois de Barriere.

Including Memoires de Mme. A French language lexicon in attractive leather binding. Dealing specifically with the work of Moliere, and his use of language, the volume also details similar usage found in the work of Fontaine, Pascal, Racine and La Bruyere. An illustrated edition of this work by Xavier Boniface Saintine. PIcciola is a novel about the Comte de Charney, a political prisoner in Piedmonth whose reason was saved by his cultivation of a tiny flower growing between the paving An uncommon edition of this French language religious work by Jacques Joly-Cretineau.

A French Catholic journalist and historian, Joly-Cretineau gained a reputation in Nineteenth Century France and elsewhere as a religious-political Gilt tooled leather bound books with marbled boards. Contains four volumes bound as two. Written in French. Ledru-Rollin's analysis of English society after his exile from France to London in He had Volumes I, 3, 5, 7 and 8 only of the original 8 volume set. Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Moliere was a French playwright and A scarce edition of this essay on the importance of education.

Enfin, avec la plateforme www. Les acteurs sont, eux aussi, proches. Un portrait de la Vierge?


Gand, UB BL 2. Illustration 9 : La fleur de poesie francoyse: recueil joyeulx contenant plusieurs huictains, dixains, quatrains, chansons et aultres dictez de diverses matieres mis en nottes musicalles par plusieurs autheurs et reduictz en ce petit livre Paris, Alain Lotrian, , page de titre. Illustration 11 : La fleur de toutes les plus belles chansons qui se chantent maintenant en France : tout nouvellement faites et recueillies Paris, Illustration 12 : Chansons nouvelles fort amoureuses, plaisantes et recreatives sur plusieurs beaux et divers chants Lyon, Benoist Rigaud, , page de titre.

Illustration 13 : Chansons nouvelles fort amoureuses, plaisantes et recreatives sur plusieurs beaux et divers chants Lyon, Benoist Rigaud [entre et ] , page de titre. Grijp et F. Middeleeuwse lyriek in de Lage Landen , Amsterdam, Prometheus, , pp. Quelles sont les solutions pour un meilleur signalement des images? Deux hommes identiques Un de mes livres anciens favoris est Thuys der fortunen ende dat huys der doot [La maison de fortune et la maison de la mort] 4. Tiele Dr. Rhodes and J. N3r et N3v. Panoplia omnium illiberalium mechanicarum, Frankfurt: Sigmund Feyerabend, Auteur, Traducteur, collaborateur, imprimeur..

Euclide, The elements of geometrie , Londres, John Daye, Le De secretis remediis de la collection Seagram. On lit au fol. Il commence ainsi :. Si le roi lui donne une mission, qu'il soit discret. Il ne faut. La paresse peut faire perdre la faveur de son prince. On doit faire son devoir dans toutes les batailles, mais en cas de victoire ne pas se montrer cruel nombreux exemples, entre autres celui d'Astyage, de Lycaon. Alexandre, David, les Sam-. La femme coud et file. Le seigneur doit aimer son peuple ex. Dieu te garde de celle! A mon cuidier petit en est d'icelles. Ce qu'elle dit des femmes fol.

Christine de Pisan, Livre des fais et bonnes meurs. Michaud et Pou- joulat, t. II, p. Livre du chemin de long estude, v. Lettre de l'empereur au roi de France ; cf. Simonide ; cf. Livre des jais et bonnes meurs, I, xxxn, t.

Des objets à histoire pour un espace sans « mémoire »

Cyrus et Thomyris ; cf. Mutation ms. Livre des fais et bonnes meurs, part. I, chap, xxxv titre. Livre du corps de policie ms. Fabricius et Pyrrhus ; cf.

Marcus Curius [Dentatus] ; Livre du corps de policie ms. Histoire du pseudo-Smerdis ; cf. Turnus et Lavinie ; cf. Livre des fais d'armes ms. Codrus ; cf. Livre des fais et bonnes meurs, II, xix, t. Regulus, etc.