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The Idea and Validation Stage

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The Planning Stage

I did the 45 contextual backlinks. Thanks Cristina. Cool and interesting post! I have a couple of extra ninja tactics for you…. Or are all the buyers more likely to be people who are already fans of Steve Scott Site? I think most of my buyers are readers of the site. If something is private, just email it — period. Plus I was out — so I kind of posted as the virtual equivalent of a reminder.

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So if I forgot to email Steve he would email me. Kindle publishing seems to be the way to go for both fiction and non-fiction writers. Yeah this one is a learning experience for me too. I have a feeling that the more you do the better it might become. I really think the key is to get your keywords to rank on Google. Once you do that everything else will follow.

JUST having Amazon searches means that people have to find it and buy…but if they never find it in the first place that can be difficult. I guess time will tell. For the rest of us… we need something to get people to take a chance on those first few purchases. Truly going to give it a go! Well personally I love the idea of a good project management ebook. Love the idea. Good luck with it!

Kindle Publishing: The # 1 Killer Formatting Secret

I look forward to hearing more. Cheers Keith P. Sorry for the double post! Thanks for the detailed outline of the process you followed. Seems like I could easily publish 2, 3, or 4 Kindle books just from old content. I totally agree as well. Ebooks and especially Kindle and all the outlets that Amazon offer are truly the next big thing. I still love holding a paper copy of a book. But one has to realize that ebooks and Amazon distribution equal a combination that will reach untold hundreds and hundreds of prospective readers.

Publishing ebooks is as easy as and there are a plethora of available means to produce them. Get started on one yourself and see where the adventure takes you. I agree completely. But ebooks will continue to grow in value until then. I also agree that the hard part is to actually write the darn things. It takes time and effort. My best advice is to break it into manageable chunks. Make yourself do just minutes each day. But put that time in each and every day, come hell or high water. Soon enough it will be done. Like you said, first we need to understand the process of creating a book, then we can start focusing on the words and the content.

Hopefully this does help with your productivity. The idea of writing ebooks is excellent and the information and links yo provide here are very helpful.

Steve Blank Startup Tools

I bookmarked your site and will visit it often. Thanks so much for your advice. Great post. I think I will take my ebook and convert it to Kindle. Very interesting concept, thanks. I like long-term investments and Amazon is just one of those companies that is going to be around for a very long time so this is definitely worth the thought. In my approach, I was writing an uber long post for one of my websites and by the end it was already pushing nearly 7, words so I decided to convert it, upload it and push it onto the Kindle marketplace instead.

Like you, my sales have been lukewarm so far, but I do see a huge potential. It is all a long term process, but it is one of those things that has me quite excited by the possibilities. I always appreciate how much detail and information you share with us in your posts. Grabbing some of your older blog posts and creating them in a report is an awesome idea.

I keep having people tell me that I need all my posts on a certain topic put into a report anyway. Why not just sell it on Amazon. Glad you like the idea. It really is surprisingly easy to post ebooks on Amazon. Actually almost too easy. I assume there must be an incredible handful of junk and spam there too.

Entrepreneurship is a Calling

This could make it hard to separate yourself from that pack of junk. But once we do that…I just see so many possibilities! Very interesting view, thanks. I never think that way before in seeing Amazon. Thanks for share this post. But you are not a fish in a big lake. SEO is important. I admit I read it quickly and must return to read again. What is you advice on links in the book? How many? Too many? I agree, SEO is essential. Sure sales drives books up…but you need those sales or no one will find you on Amazon in the first place.

As for links…well that is something I am working on. Hopefully I will create a good amazon link building campaign and may have a more specific article on that in the future. I wanted to know what I needed to publish directly to Amazon and I honestly was expecting a lot more technical stuff to do so it is surprisingly easy I guess. Great post Steve, you never fail to surprise me with your articles, so keep them coming man and take care!

It is surprisingly easy. Perhaps there are a few technicial details to making it better, like those darn bullet points. It might be the way I am doing it that is a problem. My solution not the best one for the bullet point issue is to turn it into a list: 1 A 2 B 3 C. That is great write up.. Selling Kindle books are really great way to earn money..

Thanks for the post. I understood and loved the idea and simplicity just like you. Not to mention this can be a great way to gain an extra passive income. Steve, aloha. Thanks for the detail in this post. Seeing the steps and the analysis is extremely motivating. Thanks too for the links to your vendors.

As it happens, I am starting a new project which I believe will lend itself perfectly to this. The wheels inside my head are a turning and a churning. Interesting resources you mention for backlinking and Kindle covers, Steve. I have made a note of them. I have published my Detox eBook on Kindle but I have only sold about 10 so far. I have neglected the backlinking aspect and also notice that flat covers are being used on Kindle and mine is the usual 3D ecover.

Great idea about creating a book from old blog posts. I have plently of those that I could put to good use. I have listened to several webinars about making money with Kindle books and it seems you have to have hundreds of books on Kindle to make any real money.

I have heard those theories too, and as for ranking internally to Amazon and basically trying to sell low-quality stuff by volume. I think the secret is in making sure that your link also ranks on Google those specific keywords, then the Google traffic drives the Amazon sales which in turn increases your position for your main keywords on Amazon, having more sales and creating backups which in turn drives up your Google position. Like many things there is numerous ways to skin a cat, but hopefully this is the best way for fairly decent products.

Seems like a lot more bloggers Well, not a lot — you and Tristan are spending time on Kindle books. Thanks for the wonderful guide — I can definitely use this when and if I decide to publish a Kindle book. I am glad that you got good results with Kindle publishing. I think it will ultimately worth your time. Specifically if you can rewrite and repurpose some of your best content, it will give new people another avenue to find you. To me the most important point is that you HAVE to rank your ebooks for keywords on Google, you will never rank on Amazon til you get the sales, and to get the sales you need the traffic.

I do plan to try it out in the future — and hopefully, I would be able to do it. Speaking of repurposing, I can definitely use content from my old blog for a Kindle book I shutdown the old blog and migrated all content to a sub domain under my new blog. Yeah, I will try it in the future when I have traffic, like you said, traffic is really important. Needless to say in their PLR clear out the product of mine was removed. However I have 2 products that I have written so I do aim to get back over there with those once I have worked through them and formatted them for Kindle.

I am hoping to encourage people to start creating videos and adding them to their blogs as well as giving experienced people the opportunity to show off their skills. Would you be interested Steve? Detailed post indeed. And thanks for the tips. I mean, a content looks pretty boring without them. It -could- just be me not formating bullets in a way that works. If someone has an answer on getting them in there, I would love it… because I think it looks a bit dull without bullet too! I particularly like your concept about being able to rank your Amazon offering by gaining top rankings in Google for very competitive keyword phrases.

I tried this with eBay stores recently, although with somewhat mixed results, has to be said. I too used a number of fiverr. Fact is though — not everyone will want to opt for an investment in an eBay store, whereas — everyone can in fact create an eBook about some topic they are interested in. First of all I want to thank you for the shout out in your last autoresponder email.

I am glad to see that you are taking the minimalism idea and running with it. Hopefully it keeps working for ya! As you well know probably better than I , it still will take a lot of effort to rank for your ebook keywords on Google. Thanks for another great comment! I hope your weekend is going splendidly. I have identified a series of 10 articles which can be pulled into an ebook report easily enough. I have also identified some potential keywords which have low competition and exact searches a month.

Although the broader search terms are into the millions. Are you suggesting that the smaller the number of searches per month the better? I aim for min. I would certainly go for the lower ones at first. Then in time you can always make an effort for more competitive ones. Specifically starting out it is better IMO to get some easy success than to bite off more than you can chew and not get to the point of seeing results. Good luck man!

Carnivorous marsupials

When you release the ebook, let me know and I will swing by and give it a review since I have read most of your articles. Great post Steve. I did exactly what you outlined a few months ago with an old ebook from a site I gave up on and the Kindle store has made more money off it than I ever did selling it on Clickbank. Selling on Kindle is awesome- if anyone has an old ebook sitting around or a partially completed one, finish it up and get it on there.

Wow Steve! Sorry I have been gone for so long man. But I picked a crazy time to visit your blog again. Then I come here, and here you are with the same kind of thing on your blog. I have 9 books on Amazon. Of course, you are going to get bad reviews no matter what you do because someone will always bitch about something.

But if you write a good product, the others will recognize it and defend any bad reviews you may get. That way you will not look like a know-it-all. I have found that the higher your price, the lower amount of sales you will get. First of all nice to see you again! I will certainly swing by your site to see whats going on there!

Second, thanks for all the insight on your experiences writing in different niches. I can certainly see where some less than honorable guys might go and write trashy reviews to sink a competitor. It is sad to think that people would stoop that low…but I have no doubt at all it happens. Also good tips on writing for multiple niches. Specifically if you are prolific. For this niche I am using it partially as a branding tool, so going with all the same name…. I also have a novel in print and Kindle on Amazon plus several ebooks.

Love publishing on Amazon. Stumbled on your site from who knows where.. Kindle books are really a great way to make some money online. I have never published an ebook before, but may have to check this out. Hey Steve — this was great, thanks. Are you basically saying that when choosing a topic and writing the title of the your kindle ebook, it would behoove you to make the topic and title keyword search friendly? Little project update, is that my eBook is written and will be on the Kindle store in the next week, once the eBook cover has been completed.

Thanks for the very informative and helpful article. I was thinking about removing the blog posts once I do that. Do you still leave up your old blog posts or do you remove them? I was thinking of telling my e-mail list that any post that is six months old, I might remove from the site to repurpose for a later e-book. What do you think of this idea? I really wish I knew when this entry was posted, or when these comments were left. The lack of a dates makes it difficult to know if these ideas presented here are still relevant. The information here is good, but since it is just that — information.

To those people that had the idea to put the content of their blogs in a Kindle ebook. Steve, I guess google has stop allowing affiliate links… so the best part now is to link to money page on the blog. Do you have more info on how to program the amazon reviews directly into your kindle book like you did with 61 ways……?

Next post: 13 Ways to Use Fiverr.

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During this time he's learned Read More Here. Steve Scott's Kindle Publishing Blog. More on this later. How to Write a Kindle Book Running an Internet business is all about leveraging your time and assets. So in the beginning of the book I reference a page where people can learn about setting up a website: On this page is a very light recommendation of a web hosting package. Just look at what happened to one author: Be straight-forward with readers. Good luck! Take Action. Get Results. After all, the real killer could be out there, ready to strike again. Join the hundreds of thousands of readers who have already taken the plunge into a series that will take you into the minds of the most heinous and disturbing serial killers the world could ever imagine.

What readers say about Violated :.

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A great read! Kept my interest to the last chapter!

Many enjoyable twists. Coincidentally, Hall is murdered at a Valencia motel the night before the police discover Dawson entering his house, and she falls under suspicion. Dawson works with seasoned profilers Fisher and Jack Harper to clear her name and also track down the culprit, possibly a serial killer out for vengeance against violent men. The romantic tension between Fisher and Dawson grows as she grapples with residual feelings for her fellow investigator while attempting to pursue a new relationship.

Arnold does a good job creating an air of uncertainty surrounding the murder, and the chemistry among her FBI characters is convincing. It is riddled with suspense and you will not want to put this book down. While FBI Agent Paige Dawson sets out on a personal mission to confront a man who had raped her friend many years ago, she becomes the focus of his murder investigation, where she is the prime suspect. Her team is working relentlessly to prove her innocence, but the evidence just keeps piling up and pointing towards her.

This is a mystery that will keep you speculating where the truth lies…up until the very end. Violated by Carolyn Arnold has been the most thrilling and exciting story that I have read in the longest while. This is the fifth book in the [Brandon Fisher FBI series] and there is no need to read the previous books prior to reading this one. However, I can assure you that after reading Violated, you will be clamoring to get your hands on the other books in the series. It grabbed my attention from that moment and I was disappointed when it came to an end….

This was a dark read, but it was fun trying to stay a step ahead of the characters. It was certainly not for the squeamish. An easy read detective novel with very graphic details of the crime scenes. The characters are really brought to life and you can imagine yourself being at each scene in the book through the brilliant descriptions… As this is one of many in a series, I cannot wait for the next one. In the modern age where it is difficult to create original plots and storylines with realistic characters, praise must be given to the author for achieving this.

Brandon Fisher is a profiler in the Behavioral Analysis Unit. The book follows his unit as they track a killer but not because the local authorities want help. Because one of the unit is the accused…. On top of the murders that need to be solved, there is tension between Brandon and the accused, Paige. They had been involved at one point in time, but Paige has a new friend who accompanies her on her vacation to California.

The triangle that these three form makes for more tension in the book than just the trouble solving a gruesome murder… I definitely recommend picking up Violated. TV and books! While some of the descriptions were gory, I felt that they were necessary for the story development, so that you truly understood what the [agents] were seeing and feeling… This book has so many twists and turns!

Once you start reading it be prepared for a wild ride!