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  1. How to Sell Your Manuscript Without an Agent
  2. How I Got Published Without an Agent – Derbhile Dromey | jabidajyzu.tk
  3. CONS of Having a Literary Agent
  4. How to Submit a Book Without an Agent

With my second novel Angry Young Spaceman , I decided for political reasons to leave HarperCollins and publish it independently. This was later proven with the dismal sales when I published my fourth book in the US as well as Canada. But one day I was flipping through Locus and I noticed an ad for publisher Four Walls Eight Windows, who published political books and science fiction. Hey, I write political SF! Instead of being put off by my DIY style of publishing and touring, he was supportive both philosophically and in funding the US tours. Going into the comics industry with my graphic novel Therefore Repent!

I was, in some ways, back at square one. I was pleasantly surprised at the responsiveness of the comics publishers as compared to the prose publishers: many of them emailed positive rejections in a prompt manner. Months passed by. I noticed that my pal Cory had set up a deal with a company called IDW that worked with his Creative Commons licencing.


How to Sell Your Manuscript Without an Agent

I thought to myself, they sound forward thinking and flexible! A while later I got an email from the president, and despite having the same distributor as the other guys he was able to put together a deal in a few weeks that allowed me to publish my edition in Canada.

The classic is the book cover.

Authors complain all the time about the crappy covers they have. You may have a great relationship with your editor, who has promised to faithfully shepherd your book through the process — but it takes years for books to come out, and by then they may have been let go or otherwise be unable to follow through.

Get it in writing. And get the right words in writing. It has no teeth, legally. But it seems pretty arbitrary that authors still have little control over their covers — musicians are way more involved in their album covers, for instance. However, there are pros and cons. Some agents will take on everyone who looks vaguely shiny and then not really have the resources to help each individual client, save the one or two who gather some momentum on their own. Publishers will pay as small an advance as they can get away with, to reduce their risks, so a bidding war will increase your advance and probably the promo push they put behind it to recoup.

Once again, great advice. That is a crime. I really like your work and think that someone should be publishing them here in the UK. Thanks for posting that. A couple years back I did a limited mailout to a couple of publishers with the editions I had published here but nothing came of it beyond one nice rejection letter. The UK seems to be a bit of a strange market to crack into. In terms of distribution and indie press outlets there seems to be a lot less choice than in the US and even Australia.

Link via […]. Did you or Max contribute out of pocket to the publishing? Jack: Sorry, to clarify — I self-published and self-financed the Canadian edition of Therefore Repent! Some great information is up at No Media Kings via […]. What is the happy number for writers to live a good lifestyle since a book takes awhile to write.

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Also will check out your graphic novel as that is my thing…great way to publicize it. Sure IDW is going to get a bunch of submissions now…;-. Of course that depends on the pages, size, etc.

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Is it half the cover price? You answered so many questions for me, I was getting so frustrated, I was thinking of throwing my book in the trash and forgetting the whole thing. Three years later this article is still incredibly helpful! Thanks for the thoughtful advice, Jim!

How I Got Published Without an Agent – Derbhile Dromey | jabidajyzu.tk

For the publishers that only wanted manuscripts through an agent, how did you find the proper place to send everything to? Many do not list it on their website, as they try to discourage writers without agents. I know you wrote this a while ago but I was wondering what address you sent your packages to when the publisher says they do not accept submissions?

Did you just send them to their general postal address? Reading about how you became a writer really inspires me to take matters into my own hands and just do what I want to do. I have a question regarding publishing houses.

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  • I made a compilation of chat slang terms and turned it into a dictionary type of book. I am now trying to get someone to publish it, do you have any suggestions. Being that this is a different type of deal, I wonder if there is anything I can do to cut corners or if on the contrary, the process will be a little longer.

    CONS of Having a Literary Agent

    What do you think I can do? Great advice! But, to my lifelong regret, because he tried so damn hard, I never secured a publishing contract from his efforts before he died of cancer the night of the last time I saw him in My last so far agent was connected to a big agency, and represented me, at least in name, for about a decade, much of which I was overseas working on other projects.

    And embarrassed at having made her feel the need to essentially hold my hand on her honeymoon.

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    • Why am I telling you this? So your fans will realize that even getting an agent is not necessarily a ticket to publication. And because I have since had published 3 out of four novels by small, independent, publishers; and self-published one myself the one that convinced my last agent, in , to represent me, along with her list of writers that included a Pulitzer winner and some others.

      The first was the Texas thriller; a publisher in Belgium wanted to publish it after soliciting it from me via a discussion on Facebook. With my earnings, presumably. Which he promised me as recently as last year. Another publisher that came for me on Facebook.

      How to Submit a Book Without an Agent

      The last publisher of my novels, of what amounted to a trilogy using the same character Ray had so loved, is based in the U. It is definitely possible to be published by catching the eye of an acquisiton editor, without an agent. It is also possible to never be published with an agent. Write first. Find an agent, or a publisher, or a friend, interested in your work enough to put some effort into publishing it for you. But the first step is to write as well as you know how. Then to try and find a way to have someone else publish it. Your email address will not be published.

      So sure! You have their attention. Send it to them. You tried querying agents, you came up empty, and you want to try with editors directly Did you query every literary agent under the sun and come up short? But I have seen it happen!