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Biodegradable plastic offers a solution, but lacks the strength of conventional materials. A breakthrough idea promotes the circular economy by using cellulose or lignin from plant waste, which increases material strength without using crops that could otherwise be used for food. Today's robots can recognise voices, faces and emotions, interpret speech patterns and gestures, and even make eye contact.

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Droid friends and assistants are becoming part of everyday life, and are being used increasingly to care of the elderly, educate children and undertake all sorts of tasks in between. Making the lenses used by mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices smaller has been beyond the capabilities of traditional glass cutting and glass curving techniques. But advances in physics have led to miniaturised, lighter alternatives to established lenses, called metalenses.

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These tiny, thin, flat lenses could replace existing bulky glass lenses and allow further miniaturization in sensors and medical imaging devices. Unlike conventional proteins, they lack a rigid structure so change shape, making them difficult to treat. Now scientists have found a way to prevent their shape-shifting long enough for treatment to take effect, offering new possibilities for patients.

Serving Williamsburg Since 1995

Recent improvements in fertilizers have focused on their ability to slowly release nutrients when needed. However, they still contain ammonia, urea and potash which damage the environment. New fertilizers use more ecologically friendly sources of nitrogen, and microorganisms that improve take-up by plants. Imagine a video conference where you not only feel like you're in the same room as the other attendees, you can actually feel one another's touch.

A mix of Augmented Reality AR , Virtual Reality AR , 5G networks and advanced sensors, mean business people in different locations can physically exchange handshakes, and medical practitioners are able to work remotely with patients as though they are in the same room. About million people eat contaminated food each year and it's essential to locate the source of an outbreak immediately. What used to take days or even weeks to trace can now be tracked in minutes, using blockchain technology to monitor every step of a food item's progress through the supply chain.

Meanwhile, sensors in packaging can indicate when food is about to spoil, reducing the need to waste whole batches once an expiry date is reached. Although nuclear power emits no carbon dioxide, reactors come with a safety risk that fuel rods can overheat and, when mixed with water, produce hydrogen, which can then explode. But new fuels are emerging that are much less likely to overheat, and if they do, will produce little or no hydrogen.


American Socks - American Pride (Knee High) – AmericanSocks

These new configurations can replace existing fuel rods with little modification. Our data storage systems use a lot of energy and can't keep up with the vast - and ever-increasing - quantities of data we produce.

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In less than a century they are set to reach capacity. But breakthrough research is using DNA-based data storage, as a low-energy alternative to computer hard drives, with huge capacity: One estimate suggests all the world's data for a year could be stored on a cube of DNA measuring just a square metre. But storing energy generated by renewables for when there is no sun or wind has been a barrier to increased take-up.

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Lithium-ion batteries are set to dominate storage technology over the coming decade, and continuing advances should result in batteries that can store up to eight hours of energy — long enough to allow solar-generated power to meet peak evening demand. Reprinted with permission of the World Economic Forum. Read the original article. There's more than one kind of wall that we can build. Building the right kind of wall might even be good for the U. Big Think Edge For You. Big Think Edge For Business.

Preview an Edge video. Videos The only way to 'build a wall' without destroying the U. Videos There are 2 types of god. Only one is within the boundary of science. Less than 50 percent of Americans say they're "extremely proud" to be American. Gallup has conducted its American pride survey since Democrats — but not Republicans — reported significant drops in American pride compared to recent years, while independents reported minor drops.

Gallup says this decline is "largely driven by Democrats," just 22 percent of whom say they're extremely proud to be American. That number has plummeted since President Trump's election, as in , 44 percent of Democrats said they were extremely proud to be American. Gallup notes, however, that Republicans' extreme pride in their country was always at 68 percent or higher when former President Barack Obama was in office, and that number is currently 76 percent.

This survey also asked Americans to identify specific aspects of the United States that give them pride in their country, and just 32 percent said they're proud of the American political system, compared to 68 percent who said it doesn't make them proud. Gallup conducted its survey by speaking with 1, U. The margin of error is 4 percentage points. Read the full results at Gallup.