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Mormonism and Labeling. Anti -Mormonism certainly does exist. We are confronted with an anti-Mormon work when the author tries to persuade us that the LDS Church is too rich and too powerful to be socially tolerable in the Intermountain West or the U. Anti-Mormonism was much more prominent in the 19th Century, because polygamy and the domination of Utah politics by the LDS Church were regarded as civil rather than purely religious evils.

After the demise of polygamy, anti-Mormonism decreased and counter-Mormonism increased. If anti-Mormonism is scarcer than counter-Mormonism, labeling of Mormons should come primarily from the religious and Evangelical media, rather than from the secular and liberal. But this is more true in the United States. In Europe, the fact that the LDS Church had officially abandoned polygamy did not become common knowledge immediately after This is reflected by countless popular references and novels.

The fact of the matter was that there were very few Mormons, if any, in Central and Southern Europe in the s. On the other hand, there were several million readers of cheap dime novels such as Buffalo Bill and the Danite Kidnappers , written by Prentiss Ingraham and published in New York in , whose German, Italian, French and Spanish translations were constantly reprinted up to the s.

The astonishing news is that to a larger extent the fact that the LDS Church no longer practices polygamy is not generally known in Central and Southern Europe today. However, very few articles were entirely accurate on this point. This is of course reminiscent of the often-told story of the Mormon Apostle visiting Italy who, tired of being asked how many wives he had, ended up answering that he had several but was traveling only with one since Europe is so expensive.

Continuing the work I started with the paper on Romney, I have carried out a larger survey, extending from January to May and collecting all stories mentioning Mormons or the Mormon Church in Italian media. Overall, I have collected 2, stories Table 1. This generated a certain interest in Italy, soon to be obfuscated by the release in Italy of the movie version of Twilight on November 21, Although it is not a household name among the general public, the number of stories mentioning Big Love is only slightly smaller than those mentioning the Rome temple.

That there are only a dozen stories on the Texas polygamists may seem strange, but this result should be read with caution. If we include these further mentions of the Fundamentalists, the total number of stories with some reference to the Texas incidents is Clearly, however, the topic in Italy is less interesting per se than if the story may include some references to Romney, Stephenie Meyer or at least Big Love.


As mentioned earlier, Twilight remains in Italy a much bigger deal than either the Fundamentalists or the Rome temple. The stories mentioning that Meyer is a Mormon are a small percentage of several thousand stories on Meyer and Twilight , but a significant portion of all the stories in Italy mentioning Mormonism.

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Then, on April 22, something else happened. Deseret Books, the LDS chain of bookstores, decided to pull the books of the Twilight series off of the shelf, making them special order only. This generated stories in one month in Italy. Many of them do not mention that Meyer is a Mormon, and present the move more often than not confused with a wider LDS ban on Twilight , or even with an excommunication of Meyer — a fact which of course never happened as just another instance of bigotry by conservative American religion against popular books or music.

Big Love is, of course, about polygamy. Of course a Church with this name no longer exists the former Reorganized Church is now called Community of Christ. And very few people are supposed to know about the former Reorganized Church in Italy. The third season of Big Love has not yet been aired in Italy, and the controversy about the March episode depicting the sacred Mormon temple ceremony of endowment is probably difficult to understand for an Italian audience which is not very familiar with Mormonism in general.

Accordingly, only a handful of Italian media picked that story up see Table 3.


Un vampiro

Even in the American context, it is unclear why Deseret Bookstore took that step. Only at the fringes of Evangelical counter-cultism do we find, in a text by counter-cult activist Caryl Matrisciana, the claim that vampires are by definition demonic and that, since the Mormon Church is also Satanic, it is not surprising that a Mormon author writes about vampires Matrisciana Matrisciana has however a reputation for heavy-armed counter-cultism and is not taken too seriously in more moderate Evangelical milieus.

Moving against Twilight was, however, a boomerang as the Italian data seem to confirm. In fact, Twilight — at least in Italy —, considered from the point of view of its impact on the media, was the best thing which happened to the LDS Church in decades perhaps together with the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles () - IMDb

Table 5 shows that Big Love was not exactly propaganda for the LDS church, but neither was it a major media disaster. Table 6, about stories generated by the announcement of the Rome temple, does show some impact most stories were factual and neutral. Yet, notwithstanding a sustained PR effort by the Italian church, there were twice as many negative stories than positive. Most stories were neutral, but the ratio of negative to positive stories was still more than two to one.

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Table 9 shows that more than half of the stories mentioning Mormonism also mentions polygamy. Bella ha alle spalle un anno difficile, pieno di perdite, di conflitti, di tentazioni contraddittorie. Eppure, ora che Bella ha preso la sua decisione, sta per scatenarsi una sorprendente catena di eventi che cambieranno per sempre la vita di tutti coloro che la circondano.

Breaking Dawn, il capitolo conclusivo della saga di Twilight, svela finalmente segreti e misteri di questa incantevole epopea romantica che ha entusiasmato milioni di lettori in tutto il mondo. Product Details About the Author. About the Author. Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona. Date of Birth: December 24, Place of Birth: Hartford, Connecticut. Show More.

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