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Philosophical, Spiritual, Scientific, and Aesthetic Insights

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Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists. Sister Nivedita. Ramayana Abridged. Buddhist Mahayana Texts. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

The Dunhuang Grottoes and Global Education | SpringerLink

Buddhist Scriptures. Essential Theravada And Mahayana Texts. Jazzybee Verlag. Srimad Bhagavatham - The Wisdom of God. Swami Prabhavananda. Rhys Davids. The Hindu Tradition. Ainslie T. The Mahabharata, Book 6: Bhishma Parva. Dorothy Belgrave. The Sutta-Nipata. Swami Vivekananda. Buddhism Plain and Simple. Steve Hagen. World of the Buddha.

Lucien Stryk. The Dude and the Zen Master. Jeff Bridges. Hindu Mythology, Vedic and Puranic.

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Manual Of Zen Buddhism. Annie Besant. Opening the Door of Your Heart. Ajahn Brahm. The Art of Living. Thich Nhat Hanh. The Gospel of Buddha. The Religion Of The Samurai.

Eminent Nuns: Beata Grant

Kaiten Nukariya. Each Moment Is the Universe. Dainin Katagiri. Vedic and Puranic Mythology. The Diamond Sutra.

Elder Subhuti. Yoga Vashisht or Heaven Found. Rishi Singh Gherwal. Being Upright. Tenshin Reb Anderson. Spiritual Stories from India. Chaman Lal. The Buddha's Way of Virtue. Waking Up to What You Do. Diane Eshin Rizzetto. Zen and Zen Classics 1. Brian Haycock. You Have to Say Something.

Weitere vorgeschlagene Titel

The Jataka Tales, Volume 3. Edward Byles Cowell. Buddhism in Translations. Henry Clarke Warren.

Vimalakirti Sutra: All 14 Chapters [English Zen/Chan Buddhism Sutras Radio Drama Part 4 of 7](1080P)

Buddhism and Buddhists in China. Lewis Hodus. Essential Chan Buddhism. Robert Thurman. Seon Master Daehaeng. The Milinda Panha. Thomas William Rhys Davids. Record of Traces and Dreams: the Heart Sutra. Doiku Takeda. The Lankavatara Sutra. The Mahabharata, Book Svargarohanika Parva.

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Annie Wood Besant. Thank You and OK! David Chadwick. Chu Dongwei. Buddhist Parables. Eugene Watson Burlingame. How to write a great review. We have added hundreds of terms to the Lexicon, and in began to publish eBook glossaries of the most time-tested and ubiquitous terms. Students of Mandarin will gain insight into word play and learn terms that are key to understanding Chinese Internet language. But no knowledge of Chinese is needed to appreciate the creative leaps netizens make in order to keep talking. We at Paper Republic are a collective of literary translators, promoting new Chinese fiction in translation.

B etween 18th June and 16th June , we are publishing a complete free-to-view short story or essay or poem by a contemporary Chinese writer, one per week for a year, 52 in total. Readers can browse them for free, on their computer, tablet or phone. In while conducting fieldwork in Yunnan, a professor came across a ricepaper booklet with strange script created from Chinese characters. This turned out to be a folksong booklet in Old Bai script. She safeguarded it carefully through the tumultuous Mao years until the s, when the political environment had relaxed enough for her to conduct full-scale ethnographic research.

Very few such texts remain, and what makes this booklet even more valuable is that it records songs that have already disappeared, including some with sexually explicit content. In this unprecedented book on the oral traditions of the ethnic minority of China representing decades of painstaking research, the Old Bai script has not only been transcribed and translated in both English and Chinese but each page from the original booklet has also been reproduced. The introduction begins with a process of textualization, recounting the origin of the written song text.

Details are supplied about the chain of collectors and researchers working on the project since the early s. This is an excellent example of textual provenience. A brief but useful introduction to the Bai people and history, noting some issues with ethnic identity and contact with Han Chinese culture, is also included.

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There is a helpful, succinct discussion of the linguistic placement of Bai, followed by a more comprehensive introduction to the Yunlong dialect of Baiā€”the dominant dialect which the text reflects. Mention is also made of the Great Volumes Tradition, which was also sometimes written in a special register of Chinese characters.

We are glad to inform you that the new edition of Ming Qing Studies is going to be published by Aracne Publishers in Fall Applicants are encouraged to submit abstracts for the next issue of Ming Qing Studies The contributions should concern Ming-Qing China in one or few of its most significant and multifaceted aspects, as well as on East Asian countries covering the same time period. All articles will be examined by our qualified peer reviewers.

We welcome creative and fresh approaches to the field of Asian studies. Particularly appreciated will be the contributions on anthropological and social history, collective imagery, and interdisciplinary approaches to the Asian cultural studies. All submitted papers must be original and well written in British English according to our guidelines and editorial rules. Please email your abstract words in MS Word or pdf attachments along with your biographical information to the addresses listed below.

Please mention your full name with academic title, university affiliation, department or home institution, title of paper and contact details in your email. Deadline for the article: December 31st, As a result, the feminine in modern China worked as a bisexual notion to undo Western gender binary and gender hierarchy, so as to ultimately challenge colonial cultural hierarchy. For more information and book blurbs, click here.

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Dear colleagues, Allow me to alert you to the first issue of the new peer-reviewed on-line journal Transcultural Studies , which carries an extensive study by Catherine Yeh on the role of the Shenbaoguan in Shanghai in resetting the status of the Chinese novel well before the beginning of the XXth century.