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Illustrations by Peter H. Mar 04, Heidi-Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books , children , fiction , i-want-to-own. A perfect book for an older sibling. I never got to know what it was like to be the oldest who gains a sibling, but I still know what it was to be a Big Sis--one of my most favorite titles ever. I would like to own all of Rosenthal's books, but with kids coming into my life including one who is already an older sister , this one is a must.


Little Miss, Big Sis

Jul 12, Venus rated it really liked it. Review originally posted on Children's Atheneum Little Miss is going to be a big sis. In this sequel to Plant a Kiss, Little Miss we explore the wonders of becoming a big sister as she and her family celebrate the arrival of a new baby. In this cute, but typical new baby book, young readers are given a glimpse into what life can be like with a younger sibling.

Peter Reynold's illustrations are beautiful as usual, simple and beautiful. Obviously, the audience for this book is rather limited, but so Review originally posted on Children's Atheneum Little Miss is going to be a big sis. Obviously, the audience for this book is rather limited, but so it goes with all issue books. This one is more enjoyable than most. Jul 06, Jillian rated it liked it. Very clearly, with minimal words and fun rhymes, illustrates the trials and triumphs of big sisterhood.

Cool in that it starts before the baby arrives and ends when baby is around 3 years old - but I worry that for some Very Young Ones it might make them think it really does go that fast. But I liked that it's not all wonderful giggles and games, but also not all screaming tantrums.

I'd definitely get this for any Little Miss who was about to become a Big Sis!

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Feb 21, The Library Lady rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books. One more to add to the new baby shelf, I suppose. Charming, but rather overly upbeat take on a new sibling. My own daughters would probably ROTFL at this, because there is only cursory acknowledgement of the fact that you always love a sibling, but at times, you don't like them very much.

Oct 26, Theresa rated it liked it Shelves: coping-with-siblings , family. Could see this being popular with parents, but the text being not as appealing for kids.

The book is comprised of short rhymes that are at times very effectively funny and expressive more aimed at adult humor , but occasionally awkward and forced. Illustrations are adorable throughout.

A motherhood journey

Would recommend to parents who want to reassure themselves that their daughter aged will happily accept the new baby in the house. Jun 19, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-lit. A delightful tale of a little girl's anticipation of the birth of a younger sibling. I laughed along with my reading because I, too, could relate to the excitement felt by this little girl and the bit of disappointment when I found, at age three, newborn babies weren't actually yet able to serve as playmates. Eventually, of course, babies do grow and this story does a sweet job of demonstrating the change in relationship as children grow and evolve.

Oct 18, Margie rated it really liked it. In sparse but expressive rhyming words the author delineates all the feelings, helpfulness, annoyances and love a new big sister feels about her just born younger sibling. This would be a terrific gift book for a soon-to-be big sister as well as a wonderful library purchase. The simplicity of the words allows the full impact of the feelings and thoughts come through without being muddied by too much wordiness. Sometimes less is more.

Apr 13, Margaret rated it really liked it Shelves: clear. With short rhyming words and phrases on each page the story rapidly unfolds as Little Miss discovers all the adventure and responsibilities of becoming Big Sis. Simple line drawings with color are found on the bright white pages with large printed text. It is the perfect story to help deliver the news about what it's like to be a loving Big Sis.

May 19, Trina rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-we-read-aloud. We thought that this was a sweet book to read. We both love books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. We also really love illustrator Peter Reynolds. I especially liked these lines, "Funny faces. Warm embraces. Giggly chases. Forever connected. And just as suspected Oct 18, Justin Bloch rated it it was amazing Shelves: kids-books-we-ve-read. We really enjoyed this book! It was so nice to see the wonderful parts about being a big sibling presented, instead of just the not-so-great ones.

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So many books focus on the problems that a new baby causes, and how to get past them. This book touched on those, but was really more about how great it is to be the older sibling. We loved it! Feb 11, Terry added it Shelves: poetry-and-rhyme , picture-book , read-aloud , nonfiction-content , ageto-8 , concepts , read My daughter 4 loved this book!

She is a big sister so she could identify with the topic.

Little Miss Big Sis – She Reads Like A Girl

She liked the rhyming cadence of the book. We both picked this book to read. I enjoyed the message and the pictures. A positive message is brought out through expressive pictures and excellent rhyming text. Sep 11, Vi like the letter rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , yabc-books , hardcover , kids-books , 4-stars. I loved this book so much! I'm a sucker for books about sisters. Not only that, this book has cute illustrations, the story itself is funny and endearing, and I love that it teaches the importance of family and sisters in a way kids will understand and connect with.

I've read this quite a few times to my girls and they always want me to read it again. Such a fun book. Sep 04, Jocelin rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-authors , children-s-books.

A motherhood journey

The sweetest and simplest ode to big sisters everywhere! Amy Krouse Rosenthal you have done again, masterful! Your stories are so simple but, you manage to evoke such great emotion with the stories. You are such a talented and gifted story teller. The simplicity of your stories capture the reader and never lets them go. Bravo, Ms. Jul 19, Juliana Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: family , children-s-books , sisters , new-baby.

She waits and plans ands finally the big day arrives.

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Little Miss helps, loves, and teaches her baby sib. The baby grows and crawls and talks. Baby becomes a toddler and Little Miss remains the most wonderful Big Sis in the world! Oct 07, Laura G rated it really liked it Shelves: picturebooks-fiction. Liked this follow-up book about Little Miss even better than the first book. She becomes a big sister and discovers the challenges and joys of this special role. Would be a great book to give as a gift for a family expecting another child.

Sep 26, Kate Hastings rated it really liked it.

Little Miss

All ages. Very simple rhyming text sums up the experience of becoming a big sister. The anticipation of the arrival, the reality of newborns, the continuously changing and growing relationship that will last a lifetime. Apr 22, Joanne Roberts rated it it was amazing. Very cute. Simple text and rhyme takes Big Sis from little brother's birth to his toddler days.

It gently explains the fun and the not-so-fun things about little siblings. The big sis in the book is helpful and understanding. The bond between them may bring a tear to your eye. A great gift idea. Jul 27, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: simple-is-best , picture-books , youngwriters-and-writing , gift-books. Reynolds on illustration. The text and pictures are so spare, they could almost be a writing exercise: how few words could you use to write a story? And still get a little verklempt at the end if you have a sister.

But there must be something out there that helps, in a baby step kind of way. Maybe even something we can share with our own kids? Plant a Kiss follows a young girl as she, somewhat fantastically, plants a kiss in the ground and sees it grow into a sparkly wonder plant. She then returns to the plant to find that it has blossomed again, even bigger than before — it is beautiful and boundless. Young readers will feel the celebration of generosity in Plant a Kiss. And more than the delightful story, I think recognizing this feeling of expansion is important for little kids and grown ups, too.

On both a personal and a national level, I think we need to examine what good it does to hoard our resources. I thank Amy Krouse Rosenthal for her inspiration and for teaching me more about generosity.