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Batman White Knight is, if nothing else, a fascinating read. This non-canonical one-off is at times predictable. However, this take on the Joker is unique enough in ways that it does not matter. Making the Joker more human than perhaps ever before, this graphic novel shows the effects a mental disorder can have on someone. The plot also revolves heavily around police brutality and abuse of power. The way the story borrows from real-world problems makes the Batman universe feel more real and relatable than ever before.

I found myself actually sympathizing with the Joker and Harley Quinn.

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That is the brilliance of this story. It turns Joker and Harley into a sympathy-drawing, hardworking couple. This story is a wonderful glimpse into what our world might look like if superheroes and villains actually walked among us. I've always had a strong infatuation with the 60's.

In this novel, Cline does a great job in displaying this era. Through the eyes of a young girl entering her teen years, we follow the main character as she becomes associated with the followers of Charles Manson. Watching her grow up whilst idolizing his followers, we are able to see the character completely transform. This book is one of my all time favorites and is perfect for anyone who not only loves the era, but for anyone who is struggling to discover themselves in a world in which they aren't sure where they fit in.

Europe’s Early Trade Links

I remember her energy alongside Amy Poehler and I knew that they were living the dream for women in comedy. In I heard that Tina Fey was writing a book and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I took the most inspiration from the fact that she worked at the YMCA and it took her years to get into comedy and to really follow her passion. This was the novel that my entire freshman class was issued for our college orientation.

This novel stuck with me because it was a beautifully done graphic novel about an Islamic girl coming of age in Tehran during the Islamic revolution. The book is divided into two parts. Marjane Satrapi talk about her family life, her life in school, her self-imposed exile and so much more. This series was my introduction to Stephen King. I thoroughly enjoyed the series. It starts out sounding like a science fiction western but grows into so much more.

I read the series in preparation for the movie that came out. This book is so much better than the movie and I would highly recommend skipping the movie and reading the eight book series. There are some amazing characters and inspiration for all genres. A Crack in Creation is an interesting book because it dives deep down into the science behind gene editing. There are many agreements against the concept of gene editing, mainly being, "We aren't God" and "Where do we stop. The book has quite a bit of jargon and the first third is a little slow, but I do recommend this book.

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  4. This is the perfect day in the life of university students. The graphic novel follows three fast friends as they navigate normal everyday dorm life. The characters are lovable and they each feel familiar, as if you could be friends with them. They navigate sexist boys, the flu, romantic feelings, drugs, and so much more. I cannot wait to see what else this author puts out. I've been a fan of the popular anime RWBY since it first came out. Unfortunately, the gang of scavengers who followed them from the city have other plans.

    How does an ordinary family protect themselves in the wake of violence and chaos? Kindle The Search for Nina Fletcher by Stephen Hawley Martin: Rebecca wants to save the beautiful plantation home where she grew up, but to do so she must find her mother.

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    If only she could remember what happened in the basement of the old house in Baltimore long ago. The cellar makes her skin crawl. She must find out what happened, she must! Kindle Are these books no longer free? Sign up for our email and never miss a free book again! The Challenge by Deana Farrady: Neighbors play a steamy game of love and find more than they bargained for.

    Heat up. Passionate, intense, and fresh. No way, no how will she risk her heart to that infuriating alpha bear again. Exclusive bonus edition chock full of extras! Ailsa Montgomery is just doing her job as a nurse when Brochan shows up. However, some loves are meant to last forever.

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    But can these rugged cowboys really be my lovers? Sparks fly when each cowboy vows to protect, comfort and shield me from my own misplaced guilt. Hard muscle. Marine MP. And the guy who took my innocence five years ago! Also the guy who gave me the most precious gift ever — my daughter well, our daughter I should be saying.

    Beck and C. Hallman: She was raised by the bible, I was raised with a fist to my face. Plucked from Earth, Jessica Stanner and her two companions are plunged into the arenas of the Shellworld. The alien soldiers they command in the arenas are real. Rose is confident about her identity. An important, relevant book everyone should read. Metaphysician Stephen Martin has determined the Grail is the secret Jesus knew and used to work miracles, and that secret is what he says this book reveals.

    Kindle Is this book no longer free? Each book in the series combines a psychological mystery with humor and romance and can be read as a standalone. Hannah Howe is an official Amazon 1 bestselling author. Her most recent success, Saving Grace, reached 1 in Australia within a month of its release.

    In the meantime, the Protestant Reformation had turned England and Catholic Spain into implacable enemies. In , the English Crown encouraged the privateers John Hawkins and Francis Drake to engage in slave-raiding attacks against Spanish and Portuguese ships off the coast of West Africa, with the aim of breaking into the Atlantic trade system.

    With his incursion into the Pacific, he inaugurated an era of privateering and piracy in the western coast of the Americas—an area that had previously been free of piracy. In , Elizabeth I granted a patent to Humphrey Gilbert for discovery and overseas exploration. That year, Gilbert sailed for the West Indies with the intention of engaging in piracy and establishing a colony in North America, but the expedition was aborted before it had crossed the Atlantic.

    In , he embarked on a second attempt, on this occasion to the island of Newfoundland whose harbor he formally claimed for England, although no settlers were left behind. Gilbert did not survive the return journey to England, and was succeeded by his half-brother, Walter Raleigh, who was granted his own patent by Elizabeth in Later that year, Raleigh founded the colony of Roanoke on the coast of present-day North Carolina, but lack of supplies caused the colony to fail.

    The colonies soon adopted the system of sugar plantations, successfully used by the Portuguese in Brazil, which depended on slave labor, and—at first—Dutch ships, to sell the slaves and buy the sugar. To ensure that the increasingly healthy profits of this trade remained in English hands, Parliament decreed in the Navigation Acts that only English ships would be able to ply their trade in English colonies. In , England annexed the island of Jamaica from the Spanish, and in succeeded in colonizing the Bahamas.

    African slaves working in 17th-century Virginia tobacco cultivation , by an unknown artist, Until the abolition of the slave trade in , Britain was responsible for the transportation of 3. The introduction of the Navigation Acts led to war with the Dutch Republic. In the early stages of this First Anglo-Dutch War , the superiority of the large, heavily armed English ships was offset by superior Dutch tactical organization. English tactical improvements resulted in a series of crushing victories in , bringing peace on favorable terms. This was the first war fought largely, on the English side, by purpose-built, state-owned warships.

    In , Plymouth was founded as a haven for puritan religious separatists, later known as the Pilgrims. The Province of Carolina was founded in In , the colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn. The American colonies were less financially successful than those of the Caribbean, but had large areas of good agricultural land and attracted far larger numbers of English emigrants who preferred their temperate climates.

    From the outset, slavery was the basis of the British Empire in the West Indies. For the slave traders, the trade was extremely profitable, and became a major economic mainstay. Map of the British colonies in North America, to Although Britain was relatively late in its efforts to explore and colonize the New World, lagging behind Spain and Portugal, it eventually gained significant territories in North America and the Caribbean. The French first came to the New World as explorers, seeking a route to the Pacific Ocean and wealth.

    Lawrence River.

    Out of the Fiery Furnace - Episode 1 - From Stone to Bronze

    A number of other failed attempts to establish French settlement in North America followed throughout the rest of the 16th century. It was the first province of New France. However, initial French attempts at settling the region met with failure. Although, through alliances with various Native American tribes, the French were able to exert a loose control over much of the North American continent, areas of French settlement were generally limited to the St. Lawrence River Valley. Prior to the establishment of the Sovereign Council, the territories of New France were developed as mercantile colonies.

    It was only after that France gave its American colonies the proper means to develop population colonies comparable to that of the British.

    Chronicle () - IMDb

    However, there was relatively little interest in colonialism in France, which concentrated on dominance within Europe, and for most of its history, New France was far behind the British North American colonies in both population and economic development. Acadia itself was lost to the British in In , French territorial claims in North America expanded still further, with the foundation of Louisiana in the basin of the Mississippi River. The extensive trading network throughout the region connected to Canada through the Great Lakes, was maintained through a vast system of fortifications, many of them centered in the Illinois Country and in present-day Arkansas.

    As the French empire in North America grew, the French also began to build a smaller but more profitable empire in the West Indies. Settlement along the South American coast in what is today French Guiana began in , and a colony was founded on Saint Kitts in Colonies in Guadeloupe and Martinique were founded in and on Saint Lucia in The food-producing plantations of these colonies were built and sustained through slavery, with the supply of slaves dependent on the African slave trade. Local resistance by the indigenous peoples resulted in the Carib Expulsion of In the 18th century, Saint-Domingue grew to be the richest sugar colony in the Caribbean.

    In the middle of the 18th century, a series of colonial conflicts began between France and Britain, which ultimately resulted in the destruction of most of the first French colonial empire and the near complete expulsion of France from the Americas. In Senegal in West Africa, the French began to establish trading posts along the coast in In , the French East India Company was established to compete for trade in the east. While the French never rebuilt its American gains, their influence in Africa and Asia expanded significantly over the course of the 19th century.

    Skip to main content. The Age of Enlightenment. Search for:. Key Takeaways Key Points European medieval knowledge about Asia beyond the reach of Byzantine Empire was sourced in partial reports, often obscured by legends. It contains maps showing the Eurasian continent in its entirety, but only the northern part of the African continent. It remained the most accurate world map for the next three centuries. Between and , the Yongle Emperor of Ming China sponsored a series of long range tributary missions.

    A series of European expeditions crossing Eurasia by land in the late Middle Ages marked a prelude to the Age of Discovery. Christian embassies were sent as far as Karakorum during the Mongol invasions of Syria. Although he was not the first European to reach China, he was the first to leave a detailed chronicle of his experience. The book inspired Christopher Columbus and many other travelers in the following Age of Discovery.

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    Key Terms Tabula Rogeriana : A book containing a description of the world and world map created by the Arab geographer, Muhammad al-Idrisi, in Written in Arabic, it is divided into seven climate zones and contains maps showing the Eurasian continent in its entirety, but only the northern part of the African continent. The map is oriented with the North at the bottom. Maritime republics : City-states that flourished in Italy and across the Mediterranean. From the 10th to the 13th centuries, they built fleets of ships both for their own protection and to support extensive trade networks across the Mediterranean, giving them an essential role in the Crusades.

    Portuguese Explorers During the 15th and 16th centuries, Portuguese explorers were at the forefront of European overseas exploration, which led them to reach India, establish multiple trading posts in Asia and Africa, and settle what would become Brazil, creating one of the most powerful empires.

    Key Takeaways Key Points Portuguese sailors were at the vanguard of European overseas exploration, discovering and mapping the coasts of Africa, Asia, and Brazil. As early as , King Denis made an agreement with Genoese merchant sailor Manuel Pessanha, laying the basis for the Portuguese Navy and the establishment of a powerful Genoese merchant community in Portugal. In , the city of Ceuta was occupied by the Portuguese in an effort to control navigation of the African coast. Henry the Navigator, aware of profit possibilities in the Saharan trade routes, invested in sponsoring voyages that, within two decades of exploration, allowed Portuguese ships to bypass the Sahara.