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His father, a distinguished Welsh mathematician and collector of early Welsh manuscripts, was a friend of Sir Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley, and a close relation of the Anglesey polymath Lewis Morris, whose pioneering researches facilitated the Celtic revival. He matriculated at University College, Oxford on 15 March and was elected as a Bennet scholar on 31 October Oriental studies at Oxford stressed the centrality of Arabic for biblical scholarship, and both Thomas Hunt , who held chairs in both Arabic and Hebrew, and Robert Lowth, bishop of Oxford, former professor of poetry and author of De sacra poesi Hebraeorum , encouraged Jones to read the Old Testament as figurative, rhythmic, and inspired Oriental literature.

In the summer of he fell in love with Anna Maria Shipley , daughter of the radical Bishop Jonathan Shipley ; was elected a fellow of University College; and offered the post of interpreter for Eastern languages by the Duke of Grafton, First Lord of the Treasury. If, in fulfilling this commission, Jones was gratifying the militarist and absolutist whims of this increasingly schizophrenic brother-in-law of George III, the translator at least used the occasion to attack the cultural absolutism of Graeco-Roman classicism.

John Keats - Wikipedia

His reputation as an Orientalist was growing, as was his sense of independence, which led to his decision to become a barrister, and he entered the Middle Temple, London, on 19 November Oriental literature was not to be ushered in on the shirt-tails of a Persian marauder, but it was to be engraved upon the aspiring and acquisitive hearts of East India Company employees. As Persian was the official language of the courts of India, Empire might become the vehicle of Orientalism. If that lovely maid of Shiraz would accept my heart, I would give for the mole on her cheek the cities of Samarcand and Bokhara.

Here the narrowness of island patriotism was allowed to triumph over what might have proved cutting-edge international scholarly co-operation. The two essays appended to Poems are key documents in the emergence of Romanticism and the history of criticism.

By Alex Preston

Jones was planning a history of Turkey and had he succeeded in a rather ambitious attempt to secure the post of ambassador at Constantinople, the history of Orientalism might have developed differently. A disciple of Locke and a friend of Adam Smith, Joseph Priestley, Richard Price and Benjamin Franklin, Jones always favored associations where merit secured a rival exclusivity to that of rank.

On 28 January he was called to the bar at the Middle Temple, and after a brief spell on the Oxford circuit, practiced on the Carmarthen circuit from to Jones proudly rediscovered the colonized land of his fathers, and was angered at the erosion of ancient Celtic liberties by a rack-renting Anglicized squirearchy.

Amidst these professional pressures, Jones still made time to produce important Orientalist writings.

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First, to rise before the censurers awake, and to drink tawny wine, which sparkles and froths when the clear stream is poured into it. Next, when a warrior, encircled by foes, implores my aid, to bend towards him my prancing charger, fierce as a wolf among the Gadha-trees, whom the sound of human steps has awakened, and who runs to quench his thirst at the brook. Thirdly, to shorten a cloudy day, a day astonishingly dark, by toying with a lovely delicate girl under a tent supported by pillars.

Jones as chief bard entertained the company on the banks of the river by Cilgerran castle with occasional verse anticipating Wordsworthian themes. Early in Jones had applied for the post of Puisne Judge in the Bengal Supreme Court where he might unite his linguistic, legal, and literary avocations. He was ideally fitted for the post; to add to his skill as an advocate a distinguished reputation as a legal scholar had been established by a series of key studies of comparative law: The Speeches of Isaeus Concerning the Law of Succession to Property in Athens ; Essay on the Law of Bailments ; and The Mahomedan Law of Succession to the Property of Intestates Throughout the years Jones seemed simultaneously to qualify and disqualify himself for the Calcutta judgeship.

Jax Jones - House Work ft. Mike Dunn, MNEK

His liberal opinions irritated the Lord Chancellor, Edward Thurlow, and his friendship with Benjamin Franklin, his pro-American stance, and his movements between Britain and France created press speculation and government suspicion. Jones withdrew from the election contest, but was soon supporting Wilkes on the hustings with his Speech on the Nomination of Candidates to Represent the County of Middlesex , which advocated the reformist agenda of the association movement, criticized government policy in India, and boldly attacked the horrors of the slave trade.

His Speech on the Reformation of Parliament attacked untrammeled aristocratic power and maintained that political rights should not depend upon the ownership of land. Despite all this activity and thanks to the support of Lords Ashburton and Shelburne, in the spring of he was finally appointed to the Calcutta bench, knighted, and married to Anna Maria Shipley. Arriving in Calcutta on 25 September , Jones immediately embarked upon a rigorous program of Indian studies, founding the pioneering Asiatick Society in January His enthusiasm galvanized the efforts of the founder members, many of whom were expert Persianists, such as William Chambers, Charles Hamilton, and Francis Gladwin q.

This effectively marked the beginnings of Indology, and its research program encompassed Indian languages, literature, philosophy, civil and natural history. The organ of the Society, Asiatick Researches , was to transform Western conceptions of a marginalized Subcontinent, placing India at the centre of European Romanticism. The practicalities of governance coincided with his own Orientalist intellectual avocations as in the best Mughal tradition he patronized texts reflecting Hindu tradition and Mughal culture to foster reconciliation and mutual respect.

So whereas it might seem that the beauties of Sanskrit literature proved an even greater revelation than that of Arabic and Persian poetry, the mediating role of Mughal translations facilitated and was fundamental to his delighted discovery of Hindu culture. Daily collaboration with Muslim mawlavis had brought him close to the Muslim intelligentsia of Bengal.

This excitement was shared in Calcutta, and almost immediately the enterprising Francis Gladwin set about translating the Dabistan , selections from which he speedily published in his periodical, The New Asiatic Miscellany I said: O thou, to the arch of whose eye-brow the new moon is a slave, what quarter is this and where is thy mansion?

She answered: Cast thy rosary on the ground; bind on thy shoulder the thread of paganism; throw stones at the glass of piety; and quaff wine from a full goblet;. I presented the Governor General last year with his works, and an Ode which I translated. He has been so poor that he has been forced to sell his darling books: [.

I have an idea for you, not a blossom, but as yet a germ only. What if Persia should now flourish! And what if the present king, Jaffier Khan, be really as great a man as represented! The products of his long collaboration with Indian legal scholars appeared in the early s. Once, I gave a reading for Black History Month. For one, anger looks different all the time. My poetry is made of many things, and anger is one of them.

Am I angry when I think about how easy it would be for me to become a hashtag? Am I angry thinking about the men who have hurt me?

Jones Very

Of course! What should people know about Birmingham literary culture?

AMJ: The South is a changing place. We wear shoes. We have teeth. Alabama, especially. Maybe other places just poison the water instead of hosing people down with it. Our goal with this annual event is to really solidify Birmingham as a literary destination and to showcase the thriving literary and artistic impact Birmingham has on itself and on the nation as a whole. AMJ: So, forms, in general, are super interesting to me. When I was younger, I was so so so against form.

They seemed nothing but old and crumbling containers for old and crumbling words. But, during graduate school, I was taught form in a way that made it open and resurrect-able. Men are equal, yes, but only when those men are white and own land. I wanted to use those words over and over to show the ways in which they and many of our founding documents have so much fine print that is never stated but is always illustrated in the bloodshed and unequal treatment of othered people in this country.

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How do you think the facts of their independence and their Southernness have factored into the final product of the collection and how it has come to find an audience? It was truly a dream to work with them on my first book, and I absolutely think its success however you choose to measure that is directly related to their dedication, their independence, their southern-ness and their commitment to literature.

I spent the money and I waited and waited. Even before I was officially a Hub City author, I was treated with respect, and my work was, too. I felt seen and heard and read, and that only amplified when I was officially at the press. There are, as Clifton said, many rooms in the house of poetry.