PDF Three Steps to Time Management for the College Student (1-2-3 ... Get Organized)

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Time Management

  1. 7 Effective Time Management Tips for College Students
  2. Organize your life one area at a time
  3. Organizing Your Time | COS College Orientation and Success Strategies
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  5. 7 Time management tips for college students

So what can you do to better manage your time? We scoured the web for expert advice to learn some important tips for staying on top of assignments and exams in the midst of busy schedules. You have homework due in three days and an exam in one week. As you leave class, you make a mental note to remember those dates. How often has that happened to you, only for you to panic the night before your homework is due because you forgot?

Save yourself the late-night scramble and write everything down as you hear it. She also recommends going through course calendars and syllabi at the beginning of the semester and writing down all the important dates. With millions of apps and games at your fingertips, your smartphone can seem more of a time waster than a time manager. However, with some self-discipline, you can turn your phone into one of your best assets when it comes to prioritizing and saving time. Your phone can serve as an on-the-go calendar and scheduler. Setting reminders can help you keep due dates and other important commitments in mind as you go through your day.

Apps can be helpful too, with project management and productivity apps like Trello serving as digital to-do lists. If you are tempted to check Facebook regularly during your study time, try one of the many apps that block social media and other distractions. Getting into a routine can reduce uncertainty about when and how you will fit in homework and study time on top of school and work. Create a routine at the beginning of the semester so you can adjust to it early and then see if you have leftover time for other engagements.

Holley plans her day around work and school. This may seem like the kind of advice you heard from your mother, in the vein of warm socks in the winter, sunscreen in the summer and daily vitamins year-round, but it can actually play a huge role in successfully managing your time while in college. Practicing regular exercise can keep your energy levels up, resulting in a more engaged mind when doing school work.

Many also assert that getting adequate sleep at night can save college students time—this not only helps you avoid the time taken for afternoon naps, but it also can increase your alertness and decrease your stress levels. Printing or writing out checklists for each class or each day of the week can be a helpful way of remembering everything you need to get done.

7 Time management tips for college students

Try color-coordinating tasks by importance or subject such as school or work to help you better visualize what needs to get done. At times it may seem as though the pile of work you have is insurmountable. Work encroaches on school, and who even has time for a social life?

What to do? I chose an over-the-door shoe organizer.


7 Effective Time Management Tips for College Students

I could get a pair of shoes in each of the twenty-four pockets. I haven't filled all the slots by a long shot, so I have plenty of room to grow without creating a mess in my closet! Not that I necessarily want to fill up all twenty-four pockets with summer shoes! Monday, September 30, Destressing Christmas Already?

If you really want to destress your holidays, start now! Twelve Tips to Destressing Christmas has a plethora of ideas to help make your celebrations meaningful and joy-filled. Things like being intentional about your celebrations, creating memories, planning meals, smart and green gift-giving, decluttering, and much more! Give yourself the gift of a destressed Christmas!

Organize your life one area at a time

Here's another app I found to help keep college students organized: Timetable. No more scribbling assignments on your hand or digging for syllabi crumpled at the bottom of your backpack. Organization is tough. If you have a smartphone, you have a whole host of tools at your disposal to make the scary business of getting organized a little more manageable. One of the best tools available is the top-rated, recently updated Android application, Timetable.

Timetable, available for free from Google Play, offers students a simple way to keep track of courses and assignments. From there, students can add tasks or exams for each lesson with due dates and details about the assignment or test. Lessons are displayed as colored modules on a daily or weekly calendar. The calendar is useful, but the real utility of the app comes into play when changing the default settings to allow notifications and auto-muting.

Timetable automatically silences your phone during scheduled lesson times. Never again will you slink down in your chair and pretend you have no clue whose One Direction ringtone interrupted your short-tempered professor mid-lecture.

FREE COMPLETE PRODUCTIVITY System for Time Management & Organization

Users have a choice of color themes for widgets and for the app itself. Students can specify the days of the week that Timetable will use, as well as the information about each lesson and task, such as subject, teacher, location and more. Getting organized and staying organized is important, and it will give you a leg up on your classmates. Entering classes, assignments and exams into Timetable is a great way to get the semester off to a good start.

Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days. I went on a ladies retreat with our church over the weekend and helped organize it. So I'm a little behind! It was a lovely time at a lovely location, called Wilderness Edge.

Organizing Your Time | COS College Orientation and Success Strategies

And we were in the wilderness! Perfect weather in the 70's - especially timely since we have snow in the forecast this week! Let's get on to our blog post, shall we? I discovered an inexpensive way to get those cords under control: binder clips! A couple of binder clips lift those cords off the floor, removing that horrible eyesore! Monday, September 16, Organizing with Velcro. Here's another great organizing idea I found when searching the internet.

Kuzak's Closet suggested using adhesive Velcro dots to keep organizing baskets from moving around your drawers.

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Great, simple, irritation-busting idea! As a result of moving to Montana, my husband and I have a different set of emergencies to anticipate than when living in Ohio or Maryland. As a result, we had a conversation recently on how to prepare for such eventualities. First, we identified those emergencies we might face. No longer do we need to prepare for tornadoes, though, as we did in the other two locations.

Next, we identified the ramifications of those emergencies. It could mean no heat, no connection with the outside world, lack of water, no indoor cooking facilities , being stuck in snow, being cold. Third, we identified action items to prepare for these possible emergencies. We already have car chargers for them. My husband already has a couple of pairs.

Similar authors to follow

What emergencies might you face in your area and how will you prepare for them? I've been searching around the internet for great organizing ideas, and found t his one : fake pull-out drawers. Using plastic containers as you would drawers allows you to pull out the container and find what you need easily. Good-bye standing on your head to find those things in the back. Get Organized Jan 7, Twelve Tips to Destressing Christmas Get Organized Oct 26, Get Organized Jan 8, Get Organized Dec 31, Three Steps to Downsizing to a Smaller Residence Get Organized Jan 13, Three Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen Get Organized Dec 30, Three Steps to Organizing Your Office Get Organized Dec 29, Get Organized Jan 20, Three Steps to Time Management Three Steps to Planning Dinner Get Organized Jan 19, More Information.

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7 Time management tips for college students

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