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Donna Leon: Queen of Crime

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But Brunetti soon finds out that the perpetrator is no petty criminal. For the culprit waiting to be apprehended at the scene of the crime is none other than Paola Brunetti, his wife. Friends in High Places. When Brunetti is visited by a young bureaucrat investigating the lack of official approval for the building of his apartment years earlier, his first reaction, like any other Venetian, is to think of whom he knows who might bring pressure to bear on the relevant government department.

A Sea of Troubles. The murder of two clam fishermen off the island of Pellestrina, south of the Lido on the Venetian lagoon, draws Brunetti into the close-knit community of the island, bound together by a code of loyalty and a suspicion of outsiders worthy of the Mafia. Wilful Behaviour. Claudia seemed to have no discernible living family, but lived with an elderly Austrian woman.

Brunetti is stunned by the extraordinary art collection the old woman keeps, and when she in turn is found dead, the case begins to unlock long buried secrets of collaboration during the war, secrets few in Italy are happy to explore…. Uniform Justice. The young man is the son of an ex-politician, a man of an impeccable integrity all too rare in Italian politics.

But as Brunetti — and the indispensable Signorina Elettra — investigate further, no one seems willing to talk, as the military protects its own and civilians keep their own counsel. Is this the natural reluctance of Italians to involve themselves with the authorities, or is Brunetti facing a conspiracy of silence? Doctored Evidence.

When a wealthy Venetian woman is found brutally murdered, the prime suspect is her Romanian maid, who has fled the city. As she attempts to leave the country, carrying a considerable sum of money and forged papers, the maid runs into the path of an oncoming train and is killed. Case closed. Brunetti decides — unofficially — to take the case on himself. As Brunetti investigates, it becomes clear that the motive for the murder was unlikely to have been greed, rather that it had its roots in the temptations of lust.

But perhaps Brunetti is thinking of the wrong deadly sin altogether…. Blood From A Stone. When Brunetti arrives on the scene, he finds it hard to understand why anyone would murder an illegal immigrant. They have few social connections and little money; in-fighting among them is the obvious answer. But once Brunetti begins investigating this unfamiliar Venetian underworld, he discovers that matters of great value are at stake in the immigrant community…. Through A Glass Darkly. But clearly there is another victim who has uncovered the guilty secret of the polluting glass foundries of the island of Murano, and whose body is found dead in front of the furnaces which burn at degrees, night and day.

The victim has left clues in a copy of Dante and Brunetti must descend into an inferno to discover who is burning the land and fouling the waters of the lagoon. A man is dead — but will politics and expedience prevent the killer from striking again? Suffer the Little Children.

When Brunetti is summoned to the hospital bedside of a senior paediatrician whose skull has been brutally fractured, he is confronted with more questions than answers. As he investigates, Brunetti finds infertility, desperation, and babies for sale. Meanwhile, Inspector Vianello uncovers a scam between pharmacists and doctors in the city. The Girl of His Dreams. One rainy morning Brunetti and Ispettore Vianello respond to an emergency call reporting a body floating near some steps on the Grand Canal.

But, inconceivably, no one has reported a missing child, nor the theft of the gold jewellery that she carries.

Publication Order of Guido Brunetti Books

Brunetti is drawn into a search not only for the cause of her death but also for her identity, her family, and for the secrets that people will keep in order to protect their children — be they innocent or guilty. From the canals and palazzi of Venice to a gypsy encampment on the mainland, Brunetti struggles with institutional prejudice and entrenched criminality to try to unravel the fate of the dead child. About Face.

At a dinner party given by his parents-in-law, Brunetti meets Franca Marinello, the wife of a prosperous Venetian businessman. As part of a wider investigation into Mafia takeovers of businesses in the region, Guarino wants information about the owner of a trucking company who was found murdered in his office.

Eventually Guarino agrees to email a photo of his suspect, but by the time the photograph arrives, he himself is dead. Was he killed because he got too close? And how is it that Franca Marinello is involved? A Question of Belief. As Venice experiences a debilitating heatwave, Brunetti escapes the city to spend time with his family. For Ispettore Vianello, however, the weather is the last thing on his mind. It appears his aunt has become obsessed with horoscopes and has been withdrawing large amounts of money from the family business. Not knowing what to do, he consults Brunetti and asks permission to trail her.

Meanwhile, Brunetti receives a visit from a friend who works at the Commune.

Donna Leon: ′I admire countries that have remained sane′ | Books | DW |

It seems that discrepancies have been occurring at the Courthouse involving a judge and an usher with a flawless track record. When news reaches Brunetti that the usher from the Courthouse has been viciously murdered, he returns to investigate. But why would someone want a good man dead, and what might his death have to do with the Courthouse discrepancies?

Drawing Conclusions. A young woman returns from holiday to find her elderly neighbour dead on the floor. A heart attack seems the likely cause, but Brunetti is not so sure and decides to take a closer look. Soon he discovers that she was part of an organization that cares for abused women and that her apartment was a safe-house. Convinced that this is the lead he has been looking for, Brunetti begins his search for answers. But as he sets out to discover the truth behind her death, he is drawn into a decades-old story of lies and deceit that has blighted love and ruined lives — and has claimed this innocent woman as its newest victim.

Beastly Things. When a body is found floating in a canal, strangely disfigured and with multiple stab wounds, Brunetti is called to investigate and is convinced he recognises the man from somewhere. However, with no identification except for the distinctive shoes the man was wearing, and no reports of people missing from the Venice area, the case cannot progress.

But what was his involvement with the protest, and what does it have to do with his murder? Their investigation eventually takes them to a slaughterhouse on the mainland, where they discover the origin of the crime, and the world of blackmail and corruption that surrounds it. The Golden Egg. When making routine enquiries into a possible bribery case that could embarrass the mayor — a humiliation Vice-Questore Patta is very keen to avoid — Brunetti receives a call from his wife, Paola, who is evidently very upset.

That a soul could have lived such a joyless life is too much for Paola to bear, and she asks Guido if he can find out what happened. It is a surprise to Brunetti just how little was known about this man-child — there are no official records to show he even existed. Revenge is a theme, in addition to depravity and other darker human themes, which most readers cannot put down, once they start their reading journey through the fantastic story.

Through detailed research provided to him by the characters of Sergente Vianello and Signorina Elettra, the commissioner is able to solve the crime, but not without a great deal of investigation into the reasons behind the murder of conductor Helmut Wellauer. The second novel in the Brunetti series is entitled Death in a Strange Country, and starts of with a terrible find: the body of a young American Soldier is discovered floating in a Venetian canal, and is subsequently fished out for investigation and processing. Commissario Brunetti discovers that the soldier was stationed at an American military base located just an hour west of Venice.

Stab wounds are found throughout the body, and it initially appears to be an easily closed case of a brutal mugging, but for the fact that Brunetti must investigate the military base, and discover what really happened behind the murder.

Du har en utdaterad webbläsare.

While schemes within the story include some of the nicer aspects of living in Venice, there are darker themes that are found throughout the novel, especially when Brunetti starts his investigaion at the military base. One of the most interesting finds in the novel, with respect to Brunetti visiting the military base, is how it seems like a completely different world to him. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Book s.

The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Donna Leon Books In Order. Brunetti's Cookbook Beschreibung bei Amazon. The Jewels of Paradise Beschreibung bei Amazon. Emmons can do amazing things with language to evoke moods and feelings and characters. He is in firm control of this material, but one of the things I most admire about the book is that the author doesn't tie things up neatly.

This is a novel about mysteries, about the important things in life that are hardest to grasp. The book's emotional and beautifully written epilogue--perhaps the most affecting passage in the book--leaves the reader with a deep appreciation for the power of the unknown. This is a terrific book. Don't miss it. November 23, - Published on Amazon. Excellent character development of people you may know, have known or have yet to meet; complete with sometimes forgivable flaws.

Coupled with plot twists and the right amount of supernatural make for a humorous yet sensitive work of fiction. October 26, - Published on Amazon. I enjoyed this book very much and would highly recomend it. It has it's odd moments and explicit moments but overall holds your interest and keeps you wondering and thinking until the very end.

ISBN 13: 9780743267182

Congratulations to Mr. Emmons on a great novel. June 16, - Published on Amazon. If your someone with a limited attention span seeking a good casual read this is for you. Yes, there is a larger cast of characters under the protagonist, and it does take a while to sort out who is who. However the characters share an indirect connection to eachother so it makes it easier to identify them. Each of the passages are short and distinctly marked so it makes it easy to leave and come back. The book is divided into three sections further simplifying the reading.

It is an under the radar book from a new author and is original, well written, and flows like a swift cool creek in summer. The diverse characters, contemporary conflicts i. It does not follow the trend of many contemporary Americana works, crappy writing pretending to be good. It is a book you only have to read once, so its better to get it from a library.