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For everything you've done and everything you are — Thank you, Chris. Get to know the draft picks while they play a game about themselves. It was an unforgettable time at the Football Festival for Women!

Swamp Tour With Donnie Jones

When the area code pops up on the phone, it's time to fly. Check out what the Eagles have been up to during OTAs.

Two eagles were rescued after they fight and landed in the swamp with their talons locked

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Audible: Ken Flajole During Offseason. Audible: Justin Peelle at Minicamp. Audible: Jeff Stoutland at Minicamp. Press Pass: Justin Peelle June 14, The Rams have six former Eagles, and all were active. Parker scored his second career TD.

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The first was a yard interception return Oct. About Us. Subscription Services.

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Community Sites. Public Safety. Man shot after fireworks show in Escondido. A year-old man was shot at Hickory Street and 3rd Avenue Thursday night. Man stabbed at Adams Avenue on Fourth of July. Body found in Florida lake, surrounded by alligators.

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True to its name, the foot-long snail kite eats only snails—its hooked beak is the ideal shape for plucking muscular morsels from whorled shells. Half of the Everglades wetlands are now developed and riddled with canals and levees, leaving water unpredictable in their habitat. Droughts alternate with floods to desiccate eggs and drown adult snails. Since ecologist Phil Darby from the University of West Florida began monitoring the snails in the mids, their population has declined tenfold. The kites started following suit, hitting a population low of birds in Then an unlikely savior arrived: exotic apple snails from South America.

They can survive drought and flooding, they lay more eggs, and they live longer. Perhaps most importantly, snail kites readily devour them.

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Since the exotic snails became prevalent, the kite population has climbed to over 1, birds as of Meanwhile, across the Florida border, University of Georgia ecologist Susan Wilde has been tracking a mysterious lethal disease known as avian vacuolar myelinopathy, or AVM. It has a particular fondness for hydrilla, an invasive plant that was also unleashed into U.

When waterfowl such as coots and ducks eat algae-covered hydrilla, they can be infected with the brain disease. Sick birds become lethargic, eventually losing the ability to fly or forage.