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If he is able to defeat Pam, then I will go test to see how strong this kid is! Linley retracted his sword, still standing there in midair. He shook his head mentally.

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This does indeed waste a good bit of time. The strongest of these opponents were at most at the Six Star Fiend level. Now that he was a Highgod, he already had the power of an ordinary Asura. Against these people, of course he found it very easy. Let me announce some news that will shock and please all of you! The momentarily quiet Bloodbath Arena suddenly once more turned raucous.

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The entire Bloodbath Arena was at a boiling point of activity. Even many formerly calm individuals were now shouting to the point of hoarseness, each screaming their support for one of the two. But Pam was also a former victor of a hundred battles. Linley looked carefully…. This Pam was dressed in a long green robe. He had a pair of downwards drooping white eyebrows. Pam had a perpetual smile on his face, and he was currently staring at Linley with narrowed eyes.

He suddenly swept out with his hand, and a green light sprang up. Even Bebe stared fixedly at the arena. Only Sheppard and Ganmoly continued to chat silently through divine sense while watching as the great battle was about to begin. As for Pam, although he has reached the Seven Star Specter level, he is just barely at that level. However, he trains in the Laws of Water. Pam should be able to hold on for a period of time. Sheppard laughed as well. An expert who trains in the Laws of Water is very hard to deal with. The entire Bloodbath Arena had turned silent. And then, an explosion of raucous noise.

Many people began to chat amongst themselves, and the entire Bloodbath Arena turned cacophonous. Nobody could understand what they had just seen. Just now, what happened during the battle was this. First, Linley had used his Blackstone Space to entrap his opponent. Pam was indeed strong; he was able to force himself to stay up and not crash downwards.

Linley, relying on superior speed and Bloodviolet, began to attack. If Linley had struck his head instead of his neck, Pam would have died. It was natural for him to lose to this technique. He stared at the distant Linley, standing there in the air above the Bloodbath Arena.

Mason - @starspecter Instagram Profile - My Social Mate

However, even Pam lost to Ley. And now, the tenth challenger for today is standing right beside me. To be honest, I am already excited over the battle that is about to begin. The person by my side, is an expert even more powerful than Pam!

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Everyone, can you guess who he is? Immediately, everyone in the Bloodbath Arena turned to look, and many of them began to call out excitedly. It was already very rare for them be able to watch a single battle between Seven Star Specter level experts. But today, there would be a second? It seemed as though this one would be even more powerful!

Can Evrenol’s ‘Housewife’ Poster a Dreamscape of Horror

Linley still stood there calmly in midair, looking at the many spectators and how they were excitedly shouting. Linley was rather curious. How powerful could he be? As soon as he flew into the Bloodbath Arena, he looked towards Linley. However, Pam only thought that Linley had used some sort of strange soul attack to cause him to enter a dazed state. He, too, fell into a dazed state, and just stood there, letting Linley slice off his head with one blow. His Lordship, the Redcliff Lord, feared no spiritual attacks. After the two major battles of the seventh day, no one further was able to hold Linley back from winning.

Linley consecutively passed through the eighth, ninth, and tenth days. A complete success! He became the only victor of a hundred battles which the Redcliff Region had seen in recent years. His opponents aren't too evil. Looking forward to his battle with the Redcliff Lord. I'm a bit dissapointed.

Not even a single Commander Sheppard comment. Background default yellow dark. Font Nunito Sans Merriweather.

Reckless behaviour, not replying when M wanted him to, not caring about vital wounds. That kind of stuff.


Most the time I found him passed out on my apartment floor, knocked out by the amount of blood loss he had. Don't get me started on his wings. It was terrible to see the feathers drop.

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The quartermaster nodded. While crumbling I mean, if, if it's okay to talk about it for you. Alec laughed, slightly swinging his head. Be it from the amount of alcohol in his blood or the blood loss, he was crashing with such a force that the only thing I could do was watch and keep him up. Keep things running. James probably spent more times in the first two minutes wondering where he was than actually knowing it from the start.

Alec sighed, laying the gun aside and strolling to the water boiler that was on the counter, where he set up a cup of tea. So please by all means, don't hurt him. I don't know why he is getting better, but he is. And I don't wanna see him in that state again. You are the reason he is starting to care again. You are the reason he tries to stay alive again. The quartermaster stared at the 00 agent, blinking a few times. It's obvious to everyone in the MI6 but that's something else.

The way you both interact, it's such a smooth flow between you two. It's amazing to watch. Hell, I'm not even sure if Bond is aware of his feelings for you.