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Instead of looking to God save humanity from our worst natures and make us better people, many people are putting their faith in socialist recipes for social justice. Interview Like the Presidents! Love them or hate them, video job interviews are here to stay. Learn from the Presidents of the US how to nail your next video job interview. I can tell you Casey is in for a wild ride and everyone who watches is going to learn alot!!!

Frankly, Casey should be criminally prosecuted. Our banking and financial systems work only if there is integrety in the system. His ilk jeopordizes that. I hope one of his lenders is aware of his publicized fraud and calls the local federal prosecutor. Casey is 24 years old. Taxes alone will pull out a small chunk of that. I do agree with your approach though. Casey is an idiot!!!!!! Flat broke, owes tons of money, too lazy to find work and still talking about investing more!

So pathetic. Unbelievable this kid! He is my age and I am much smarter. This was done through hard work, good financial practices, living below my means, etc.


"Millionaire Liar" Makes Real Estate Gurus Angry

This kid needs someone like me to give him a dose of reality. Someone his own age who has done it and done it right. His first podcast was with Jerome Maybe, of fraud fame. Jerome told him to turn himself in, and that was months ago. I should offer some sort of reward any time a commenter is able to slide in a comic book reference….

Can you survive 6 months on Ramen? Are you kidding me? If he went to college or even talked to anyone that went to college he would know that you can easily live off of Ramen for 4 years. This guy took huge, fraudulent credit and defaulted on it.

And he still does just fine. How has this really hurt him? The day after you declare bankruptcy, you can get a card from someone. Banks view these people, rightly so, as their best customers. They make money from fees and interest. It burns me up just like Jenna, but it makes me stop and think. Few and far between are the people who go through a bankruptcy without some serious damage to their pride, marriage, family, and friendships. I believe Serin is an extremely shrewd young man.

I wonder how many Caseys without blogs and tut-tutting audiences there are around. The link you posted a couple of weeks ago to a NY Times profile of some get-rich-quick scumbag and his audience was eye opening. I remember a friend in college called me one day and told me he read the bible of making money quickly. It was Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Glad I never touched these kinds of books. Everything sounds so good on paper. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Yes, it has some of that enthusiasm, but it also talks about being willing to live beneath your means so that when the right deal comes along you have the assets to get involved.

Kiyosaki also says he looks at about properties per year and buys about 4 about half the purchases CS — as a neophyte! He talks about really knowing the market and the property. He warns that you can fail many times before you figure it out and that you have to be okay with being poor and frugal while learning the ropes. Folks like CS like to gloss over the hard work and frugal living parts. Oh man, I listened to about two thirds of that podcast the other night, and then turned it off.

He needs a reality check, and sadly, that might not happen until he has some handcuffs slapped on his wrists. Reading your entry actually made me feel infuriated. I applaud him for his attempt at striking it rich…it takes guts, however, his refusal to admit failure is astonishing. If there was some remorse and lesson learned feelings coming out of his article I would definitely be on his side. Also, a lot of lenders make up their losses from the honest hardworking customers that are willing and able to pay.

The way I see it the speculators and the bankers are both parasites living off hardworking honest people. The lenders lending irresponsibly because they can make up their losses through inflated intrest rates the honest people will pay, and the hustlers taking advantage of that situation, risking other peoples money irresponsibly.

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This is where free market capitalism breaks down and why some government regulation and law enforcement is beneficial to the economy. Where do his funds from other sources come from? Some people are not very bright but can put on a show well enough to acquire money. It seems unfair, but if you measure your self worth by your networth what does it say about your talent and competence if you have to lie and cheat to get your money? It means what you really are deep down inside is worthless. The problem is that some folks who have some connections are reporting him.

The question is, would we have thought he was a bad guy if he succeeded? Probably not. We only punish the losers. There were some other readers who posted some really good, sensible comments on there. It was such interesting reading.

Declare Financial Independence from Millionaire Liars

However, Casey dodged all the advice and many of those interesting commentaries are gone. He seems like the kind who would just sell them for some quick change. But for now, he thinks he has it all figured out, and he needs to ride the wave of his disaster. Get a used MrCoffee from somewhere the thrift store?

Put the ramen in the carafe and the water as per usual. BTW, most of the time my wife and I eat … and eat well … for roughly two dollars a day. The short story is: 1. He bought many properties in a short period of time some sight unseen! He obtained loans fraudulently. He obtained cash back at closing by selling the property to himself via his wife, refinancing, or through an agreement with the sellers. He has exhibited no business sense or common sense frequently fails to open his mail including bills, take out the garbage, etc.

Which initially makes him sound interesting, until you realize that he is just allergic to hard work. I ran into a guy here in PDX who had 7 houses going himself. Now that prices in PDX have gone stagnant and are probably headed down as they are in most of the country , I suspect that flipper is close to being in the same boat as Mr. Andrea , sadly Casey Serin is not a fake. The whole story reeks of a media stunt. Really, what is the personal finance lesson to learn from this?

Namely, to seperate the good guys from the bad. I wonder if you would say the same if Casey was an old, standoffish, barely literate sort of guy instead of a young, seemingly naive, personable sort of guy. Is anyone else a little peeved that NPR is encouraging people to put their pledges on a credit card? I lived off of Ramen noodles and store-brand cereal also store-brand rice and lots of egg sandwiches for those four years of my life and turned out just fine.

Believe it or not, one can exist without Java Juice and Macaroni Grill. In my area NPR has been doing a pledge drive. When I was in college, one of my several part-time jobs was in the college alumni affairs department. Basically I would call alums and beg for money. I went to a private university, so we really depended upon donations. I think the encouragement of cards for donations is so that the payment goes through much more quickly. Just listen to the Call-in Casey Techno Remix instead.

It is the pure distillation of all that is Mr. He usually does the opposite anyway. I Never lived off them in college. Sometimes we were even nice and pitched in so the Ramen guy could go out to eat with us. He paid too much for houses by defrauding lenders. This kind of stuff raised prices well above reasonable levels for all the frugal saving-for-a-house renters out there.

I have to echo earlier comments by saying that his story seriously makes me want to throw up. Funny thing is that Casey Serin thinks he can file bankruptcy and get out of this! Bankruptcy protection is not for fraudsters. Debt obtained via fraud is non-dischargeable and — after reading his blog — his creditors will have all the evidence they might ever need to bring a motion for nondischargability!!! Casey Serin in a nutshell: send Casey Serin to Prison. To learn more, read Casey Serin, Foreclosed and Exposed. But, oh, Casey Serin just did another national media outlet! By this point, you will feel compelled to take action.

This whole generation is fucked, you will conclude, and find yourself emailing Bringing Up Baby: True Tales of Generation layZee to everyone you know. Sorry to hear about your experience but I had the complete opposite experience from the Real estate gurus like Robert Allen, Carlton sheets and Robert Kiyosaki. I took some of their advice and went from homeless to house rich in 1.

I was a single mom and homeless when I embarked on my real estate investment career. I did so well I wrote a book about it because they and others saved my financial life! And I am truly grateful. I am hoping my story will help people to not give up on their investment dreams. I will not romantize real estate investing.

It is challenging and their are some necessary bumps in the road but like with anything you really have to love. But you never take good advice anyway, so you likely will ignore that , too. The way I see it, the guy above did two things Kiyosaki does NOT recommend- trying to go to fast and flipping.

All these people on here are critical of Robert, but the truth is this kid went to far too fast and got greedy instead of doing a quarter of the homes and plowing the first few years of revenue back into bad debt reserve. Some similarly business-minded folks from the old country also run into tough times, due to their own innovative ideas for creating wealth, just like Casey:.

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Uzbekistani immigrants await discussion of entrepreneurial methods. After tiring myself out trying to figure out what the heck this dude Casey Serin is actually up to, I finally found a place that catalogs his activities, history, associations, and purpose. His own path to riches took over a decade when you consider all of the planning that first took place. Is that getting rich quick? It appears to me that the people who are becomming financially destitute after reading these types of books are reading the advice selectively.

Undercover: Than Merrill’s Fortune Builders

Did they skip the chapters on planning, managing risk and developing systems? Or the chapters that talked about failing forward and that success usually comes after many unsuccessful attempts? To these folks I say: Do your due diligence, be patient, utilize funds that you can afford to lose, realize that you will screw up times before you succeed, and stop blaming other people for your impatience and misinterpretation of the true principles taught in these books. Lots of macho talk and platitudes because they cannot handle the truth that Kiyosaki made his money selling books and games to them, not by investing in real estate.

John T. Reed followers are equally feeble minded in that he continues to recommend real estate gurus who have long ago been proved to be complete frauds. Case in point is Robert J. Abalos, who John T. Reed continues to recommend to this very day, despite Abalos having ripped off dozens of customers, admitted his misdeeds, promised to refund everyone, failed to voluntarily refund anyone lots of credit card chargebacks against him though , and has now shut down all his websites and skipped town. Do you mean 3 different ways in real estate or you mean 3 different business industries.

Which one? Dear casey, I just saw you on dr. Well just so happens that my husband and I have gone through the Carleton Sheets thing too about 10 years ago and we put it to use. We just ;ove renal managing our properties and would like to help you too. I am a private person generally too and hope I am not exposing myself but I am so curiouse as to how to help in this way if you havent thaught off it yet. Thank you. Call me if you want to talk to a real person.

Good luck. Casey has lost all of his properties and his wife has left him. Big friggen deal. Heavens no!!!! I have to say one thing about Kiyosaki, he waffles, is repetitive and his books can be summarized in a couple of Powerpoint slides. The guy who invested in several properties focused on just a couple of things: Invest in real estate and use leverage. I engage in real estate on a daily basis and know it takes a analytical mind to consume the investment endeavor concepts.

My point is real estate is a numbers game, and at the sametime a very complex field to understand when trying to invest or endeavor. You have to know every aspect of every stat in any investment view to make it in the investing game. There goes the foreclosure you thought you bought a deal with now lost because of careless stat thinking. What if Casey had purchased just TWO properties, rather than eight, in eight months??? He still would have turned in a better ROI than working a full-time job.

What Happens When You Try to Get Rich Quickly

The key is going to be what he does next. Many very successful people had to go through financial ruin at least once before they made it. So the important lesson here for Casey is to always remember that cash is king. When taking risks, make sure to leave financial slack in your plan for potential breakdowns… i.

Best of luck to you Casey! Continue to get educated…. Your email address will not be published. Author: J. Roth In , J. Like What You've Read? Your right Kiyosaki and gang paint a too good to be true picture on getting rich quick IMO. Susan, your pretty impressed with yourself.

Maybe you should make some money first. That would mean 2 out of 3 people in this country are millionaires. Is 10 years too quick? What about 5 years? I wish him the best of luck…. If you can help him out, nice work, it will be an amazing success story. JD, His first podcast was with Jerome Maybe, of fraud fame. Ignore him and let him drown in his own mess. I have little doubt as to how his story ends. Silly me. Great article, J. The world is sure full of some strange people.

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