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Do Labrador Dog Colors Matter?

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She loves car surfing, head out the window the beach, kayaking, and chasing any wild thing that moves. She is however, excellent with my cats, which is contrary to her nature.

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Carol Breckel. My Jack is a highly energetic boy that can play ball nearly 24 hours a day. He will rest about 5 minutes when tired and then gets right back at it! He has Basenji mixed in with the Jack and is a handsome boy. He is going to be 7 this year. Even though his face is turning white he doesnt seem to have slowed down much.

He is my best friend and loyal protector. He is by my side as often as possible. Pretty much a one person dog. June 19, pm. Becky phillips.

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I was blessed or crazy to have had two jacks at the same time. Milly was mom to Weezer the band who was whelped at my bedside.

​How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

They had boundless energy, huge personalities and were my best friends. Both of them lived to June 15, pm. Kimberly Alt Admin. You are in my thoughts. June 17, am. Shelly Nichols. My 10 years old boy JRT is Spot. He is very handsome. I got him when he was 7 weeks old. He will have a plan for you if you do not have one for him. He is very sweet, smart and protective. He likes all the attention and gets fussy if someone gets to close to me.

He barks at anything that comes near the house and has nipped at strangers that try to bend over him and chased kis riding by on there bikes. Most people see him and because of his cuteness want to pet him. I have to warn them he can react with dismay. I can not imagine life without Spotty. He loves his balls — he wakes me up in the morning ready to play ball.

You have to give him something to do or he will get bored. So I like to throw his balls in the air and let him round them up. He will put them all in a perfect line and wait for me to throw them again. The funniest thing he likes to do is when I am in the shower he likes to put his ball in the tub and have me toss it out. Just a fun loving dog. So far Spot is very healthy and strong.

They one thing about this breed is they do not take no mess from anybody. People are often surprised how tough he acts because he is so cute. June 14, pm. Pamela M Castro. My JRT Ashley does have a big personality. Shes 13 now and is mostly white….

Why Dogs Shed

She is my happy….. An avid hunter of lizards….. Her worst habit is always guarding her food bowl and barking anytime someone gets close to it. Shes always been very spunky and thats what i love about her most. Very loyal and loving. I wish she could live forever….. Weve only had to have her under the vets care ince for an ear infection.

How Long Do Labrador Retrievers Live | Lovable Labradors

Now im always sure to clean her ears monthly real well to prevent priblems like that. June 13, pm. Latonya Moore. June 7, am. Brian L Reiff. June 6, am. Pamela Stein. I remain heartbroken. Active older lady mids own home and garden on sq. Johannesburg South Africa. Public park across the road. He was SO clever and loved me So much and me him. He used to jump in the air like a Springbok to retrieve a ball.

I am heartbroken. Good friends advise not to get another JR: difficult to train very active need big garden but I only want a small very intelligent dog. June 6, pm. Galen Hunsucker. I would advise no. My JRT killed two of my older dogs. We got her at 3 months age and she is now one yr old. I am afraid of her now. I would like to turn her over to a rescue group that would train her and find a new home for her. I have had dogs all my life and loved each one dearly. June 17, pm. Diane Blume. We just lost our 10 month old Missy due to an accident. We cried and cried.

She was our baby girl and went every where with us. She would even come and get in the shower! Her best friend was our chocolate Lab and her brother was a yellow tabby cat. No, you are not to old. I think a little female would adapt quickly to whatever you offer. They are intelligent and loving. We are counting the days! July 1, pm. My Jack, Boscoe, has been my loyal friend that has helped me through my nasty divorce, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

I do not know what I would ever do without him! He is the friendliest dog, with every dog. He is still not fixed. Absolute best dog I have ever had!! Love him. Love the breed! June 3, pm. Sandra Reuther. He was my best friend. I live in the outskirts of the Chicago area and would be willing to travel somewhat for a new friend. If anyone knows of a puppy that needs a good home and lots of love please email me with JRT Puppies in the subject line.

Sreuther aol. Thank you for your time. Sandy Reuther. June 1, am. June 4, pm. Jan Bruder. Just outside of Oshkosh. I am getting a puppy from her in August. I just lost Stella my JRT for 17 years. I love these dogs!! I have had two JRTs in my life. Both brought me great joy and unconditional love.

They have both passed away now. I had a male and female. They are great mousers as the female would sit in my lap and watching for hours if she even thought there was a mouse in the house She always got the mouse. Her name was Abbeysuesuesue. She also had conversations with you. She was a talker. My husband just passed away 2 days ago and I am thinking about rescue or foster definitely. No breeders for me. May 26, pm. Pat Fasula. One must have much patience in the beginning.

Eventually they get the routine and fun begins.

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May 14, am. Jane E. May 4, pm. Diana Parker. My Hedy constantly antagonizes the Siamese. It drives me nuts! I would never recommend to anyone to being a JRT puppy into a home with older cats because they could potentially fatally harm them. I have been genuinely extremely lucky. I treat all my pets like family and I had no idea what I had in store for me when I adopted Hedy. She is very loving but has a very difficult, head strong temperment. I could never rehome her because of her big personality.

She would probably be abused. My Hedy is with me for life lol! May 26, am. My JRT rescued me! He just showed up on my porch one day when I was going through a very rough time in my life. March 29, pm. Kaye Cate. We had a wonderful friend in our Bandit my first JRT he was almost 16 years old when he passed and I thought I could never love another dog the way I did him.

After 3 long months with such a quiet house we searched for another JRT and not only found one but found ourselves with two. They have never replaced our first but have just added much joy and love to our home. They are two years old and we thought that would be all we would have but just recently we rescued a sweet boy who was the runt of the litter and the breeder knew she would not be able to sell. He is the sweetest and has such a wonderful loving way about him, so our family is full of joy ,love and happiness with our JTRS and I can truly say there is never a dull moment!! March 26, am.

Do You Know the Difference Between English and American Labrador Retrievers?

Sam Williams. What a character she is! March 18, pm. Fred C.

10 Best Things About LABRADORS

Thanks for the information,my JRT,is a blessing. I had just retired when I got him as a rescue, he keeps me active. February 18, am. Trish Kane. This article was great and gave us some good insight into the JRT breed. We have our two year old Jackson, who is a delight. He is a smooth coat, and has tall legs! I was so surprised at that as he kept growing. He has settled in at 12 pounds and loves to play and to sleep under a blanket or lap rug. Jackson has been good for him to help keep him young at heart. However, Jackson has started to fight with Barnee if Barnee gets too near his food as Jackson is eating it.

Jackson also seems to be taking the position of Alpha dog and is jealous of us and tries to keep Barnee from laying with us. Any ideas for countering this behavior? View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Are Labrador Retrievers generally healthy dogs?

What About Labrador Retrievers: The Joy and Realities of Living with a Lab

How much does it cost to keep a Lab? Can I keep my Lab inside, or do I need a yard? That little Labrador Retriever puppy is so adorable-but is he the right dog for you? Many prospective dog owners don't ask the questions they should when deciding to bring a new puppy home. Now, the What About? Drawing upon the expertise of Labrador Retriever breeders, owners, rescue organizations, veterinarians, and trainers, What About Labrador Retrievers?

Costs of ownership? Development in all life stages? Exercise requirements? Genetics and why it'simportant? Health and general care? Training requirements?