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  1. The 2 Marks of a Truly Wicked Person - Explore the Bible
  2. Is Smoking Cigarettes a Sin?
  3. From Pat McCloskey, OFM

First, I agree that God created everything, but this argument does not address the problem that not all plants that are part of creation are edible, or the fact that the original creation was impacted by sin, so that some things created may no longer be in their original state. One must use wisdom in discerning the use of something made by God.

The 2 Marks of a Truly Wicked Person - Explore the Bible

It may be that its intended use is for various products that do not involve ingestion. Remember that hemlock and poison mushrooms are part of creation but are deadly as food. Second, there is no indication in the context of Ezekiel or Revelation —2 that the hemp plant is in view, but in Ezekiel , marijuana supporters have based their thinking on a wrong translation of the Hebrew.

Although its mention by name is uncertain, little question exists that the hemp plant was used in the Ancient Near East, and likely in Israel, in a variety of ways, other than as a drug, such as textiles, cords, incense, oils, and even seeds used for food. The argument has been made that the reference to herbs in Isaiah —5 concerns the cannabis plant, but it simply does not use a designation that defines the term as hemp.

Is Smoking Cigarettes a Sin?

Such a practice in the Israelite cultus to heighten communication with Yahweh is not found, even though the text of Exodus —29 is posited as an example of ceremonial use. Such is not the case. This is an argument by association of alcoholic beverages in the New Testament—which is clearly discussed, both as to the benefits of moderate use and as to the disastrous impact of excessive use—with intoxicating plants. Those who support the use of marijuana are correct that the Bible presents alcohol in a positive light when used in moderation and in a negative light when abused, as seen in the verses above and others, but there is no mention at all of hemp plants being used as a drug in the Bible.

The attempt is to try to bring a connection with wine, and thus to say marijuana is OK. This is false. Wine is a beverage used often with meals in the Bible, and its effects are small and even healthy in moderation. Even when wine is abused, it has little of the residual impact of marijuana when used in even small proportions, so that attempts to compare them fail. The following biblical considerations appear relevant. First, intoxication clearly is forbidden in Scripture e. Second, wine in the Bible is connected to dietary concerns and is involved in, for example, the practice of table fellowship and weddings in the Bible.

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Whereas wine will intoxicate only with sustained use and thus with restraint can have a strictly dietary use , marijuana immediately intoxicates the user. Third, part of the reason the Bible prohibits drunkenness, it seems, is so that believers will not find themselves in a state in which they are not able to discern the will of God. Certainly, marijuana use jeopardizes this in a way that the moderate use of wine does not. Fourth, if the Bible intended for us to use marijuana in moderation, as with wine, then why do we not find the same kinds of detailed guidelines for drugs including marijuana that we do for wine and other alcoholic beverages, since we know that many drugs were available and in use in the first century?

In summary, the Bible has essentially nothing to say about the use of cannabis or other drugs. Even though many Christians now are attempting to find justification for the use of marijuana, nothing they point to in the Bible holds up under scrutiny.

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Though the plant was known in the Ancient Near East, it does not seem to be used in ancient Israel, as far as the biblical record is concerned. The attempt to find the hemp plant in Old Testament passages cannot be substantiated from the Hebrew. Also, to argue that all plants are acceptable for our use because God created the universe is mistaken.

The curse changed our relation to the things of the Earth, so that many uses of plants are harmful to us, such as hemlock and poisonous mushrooms. They have a purpose, but this does not mean they are a food to eat or an herb to smoke. Lastly, the attempt to compare the use of marijuana with the moderate use of alcohol fails, since the Bible presents wine as a table beverage, not harmful to the body unless abused.

From Pat McCloskey, OFM

Wayne House. As I am writing this article, I am sitting in the airport in Delhi, India. My wife, Jacqueline, and I traveled here at the invitation of our friend Dr. I was asked to lecture on the topic of the dramatic, well-documented impact made by faithful, dedicated Christians across history and in many different societies—particularly in the West.

If the Nephilim are not the product of angels and humans, how do you reconcile this with Hebrews , which mentions entertaining angels? In this translation both father and son are known as Tobias. Sara in Medes suffers torment. Because of their good life and prayers, God sends the Archangel Raphael to help them. The virtuous Tobias the Son joins the disguised Raphael on a journey to Medes on his father's behalf, and brings happiness both to his Father and Sara.


The message of the book is that God is both just and free. The book offers much wisdom and notes suffering is not a punishment but a test. God in the long run does reward the just and punish the wicked.


The believer is called upon to trust God and live his way. The book presents the sanctity of Marriage , intercession through Angels , reward of good works, and parental respect, as well as the importance of prayer in our daily lives, fasting, and especially almsgiving in expiation of sin Raphael reveals himself in a fascinating statement in Chapter 12 as "the angel Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the Lord" Even though the setting takes place in the eighth century BC, it is thought the book was written after the time of Ezra, and thus it was not included in the shorter Hebrew Canon.

It is part of the Apocrypha in the King James Bible. The following Scripture is from the Douay-Rheims Bible, now in the public domain.

LET GO of Anxiety, Fear & Worries: GUIDED MEDITATION Overcoming Trials, Finding Peace Trusting God

The Douay-Rheims Bible was the standard English Bible for Catholics for over years, and still remains in use today. Jerome's Latin Vulgate Bible. Kennedy took the oath of office on January 20, to become the 35th President of the United States. And he forthwith leaped up from his place at the table, and left his dinner, and came fasting to the body: 4 And taking it up carried it privately to his house, that after the sun was down, he might bury him cautiously.