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  1. The King of Schnorrers:Grotesques and Fantasies
  2. THE KING OF SCHNORRERS: Grotesques and Fantasies | Israel Zangwill
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This book has been in print almost continually since its publication in The first editions are uncommon. Not in Bleiler ; Not in Reginald Day, p. Gift inscription dated 3 October on front free endpaper. Cloth lightly rubbed at edges, a bit of scuffing and dustiness to cloth, a bit of tanning to front free endpaper, but a sound, very good copy overall.

See more items by Zangwill. The Heir! Long live our future King! The eldest-born! The Oracle's fulfilled! Such was the origin of lawn tennis, which began with people tossing pigeons to each other in imitation of the Prince and Princess in the Palace Hall. And this is why love plays so great a part in the game, and that is how the match was arranged between the Blue Prince and the Princess of Paphlagonia. Robert came home, anxious and perturbed.


The King of Schnorrers:Grotesques and Fantasies

For the first time since his return from their honeymoon he crossed the threshold of the tiny house without a grateful sense of blessedness. I thought it was nothing, or rather I scarcely thought about it at all. The doctor at the Eye Hospital merely asked him to bring some one with him next time; naturally he came to me. If he did try to keep you from marrying a penniless, friendless girl, if he did force you to work long years for me, was it not all for the best?

Now that his fortune has been swept away, where would you be without money or occupation?

THE KING OF SCHNORRERS: Grotesques and Fantasies | Israel Zangwill

He might easily have provided for me long before the crash came. Are we not all the happier for having waited for each other? Robert's father lived in a little room on a small allowance made him by his outcast son. Broken by age and misfortune, he pottered about chess-rooms and debating forums, garrulous and dogmatic, and given to tippling. But now the consciousness of his coming infirmity crushed him, and he sat for days on his bed brooding, waiting in terror for the darkness, and glad when day after day ended only in the shadows of eve.

Sometimes, instead of the dreaded darkness, sunlight came. That was when Mary dropped in to cheer him up, and to repeat to him that the hospital took a most hopeful view of his case, was only waiting for the darkness to be thickest to bring back the dawn. It took four months before the light faded utterly, and then another month before the film was opaque enough to allow the cataract to be couched.

The old man was to go into the hospital for the operation. Robert hired a lad to be with him during the month of waiting, and sometimes sat with him in the evenings, after business, and now and then the landlady looked in and told him her troubles, and the attendant was faithful and went out frequently to buy him gin. But it was only Mary who could really soothe him now, for the poor old creature's soul groped blindly amid new apprehensions — a nervous dread of the chloroforming, the puncturing, the strange sounds of voices of the great blank hospital, where he felt confusedly he would be lost in an ocean of unfathomable night, incapable even of divining, from past experience, the walls about him or the ceiling over his head, and withal a paralysing foreboding that the operation would be a failure, that he would live out the rest of his days with the earth prematurely over his eyes.

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He was startled; protested, pointed out the impossibility. But she had answers for all his objections. They could give up their own bedroom for a fortnight — it would only be a fortnight or three weeks at most — turn their sitting-room into a bedroom for themselves. What if infinite care would be necessary in regulating the "dark room," surely they could be as careful as the indifferent hospital nurses if they were only told what to do, and as for the trouble, that wasn't worth considering.

She blushed angelically.

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In the end she conquered. The old man, to whom no faintest glimmer now penetrated, was installed in the best bedroom, which was darkened by double blinds and strips of cloth over every chink and a screen before the door; and a nurse sat on guard lest any ray or twinkle should find its way into the pitchy gloom. The great specialist came with two assistants, and departed in an odour of chloroform, conscious of another dexterous deed, to return only when the critical moment of raising the bandage should have arrived.

During the fortnight of suspense an assistant replaced him, and the old man lay quiet and hopeful, rousing himself to talk dogmatically to his visitors. Mary gave him such time as she could spare from household duties, and he always kissed her on the forehead so that his bandage just grazed her hair , remarking he was very glad to see her.

Grotesques and Fantasies by Israel Zangwill – Audiobook

It was a strange experience, these conversations carried on in absolute darkness, and they gave her a feeling of kinship with the blind. She discovered that smiles were futile, and that laughter alone availed in this uncanny intercourse. For compensation, her face could wear an anxious expression without alarming the patient.

But it rarely did, for her spirits mounted with his. Before the operation she had been terribly anxious, wondering at the last moment if it would not have been performed more safely at the hospital, and ready to take upon her shoulders the responsibility for a failure. But as day after day went by, and all seemed going well, her thoughts veered round. She felt sure they would not have been so careful at the hospital.

It was owing to this new confidence that one fatal night, carrying her candle, she walked mechanically into her bedroom, forgetting it was not hers. The nurse sprang up instantly, rushed forward, and blew out the light. Mary screamed, the screen fell with a clatter, the blind old man awoke and shrieked nervously — it was a terrible moment. After that Mary went through agonies of apprehension and remorse. Fortunately the end of the operation was very near now.

In a day or two the great specialist came to remove the bandage, while the nurse carefully admitted a feeble illumination.

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If the patient could see now, the rest was a mere matter of time, of cautious gradation of light in the sick chamber, so that there might be no relapse. Mary dared not remain in the room at the instant of supreme crisis; she lingered outside, overwrought. Slowly, with infinite solicitude, the bandage was raised. Although everybody calls her "Flutter-Duck" now, there was a time when the inventor had exclusive rights in the nickname, and used it only in the privacy of his own apartment.

That time did not last long, for the inventor was Flutter-Duck's husband, and his apartment was a public work-room among other things. It expressed his dissatisfaction with her airy, flighty propensities, her love of gaiety and gadding. She was a butterfly, irresponsible, off to balls and parties almost once a month, and he, a self-conscious ant, resented her. From the point of view of piety she was also sadly to seek, rejecting wigs in favour of the fringe. New Book. Delivered from our UK warehouse in 4 to 14 business days. Established seller since Shipped from US within 10 to 14 business days.

Decorative Cloth. A good hardcover with light fraying to top and bottom of back strip, cloth worn through at bottom tips, light soiling to green cloth, front hinge cracked but binding holding, paper clean and lmoderately yellowed. A good hardcover with light fraying to top and bottom of back strip, cloth worn through at fore-corner tips, light soiling to cloth, front hinge cracked and repaired, internal binding solid, paper clean and lightly yellowed.

Language: English.

Bestselling Series

Frederick Henry Townsend was a British illustrator and cartoonist. Townsend also contributed cartoons to Punch. Israel Zangwill 21 January - 1 August was a British author at the forefront of cultural Zionism during the 19th century, and was a close associate of Theodor Herzl. He later rejected the search for a Jewish homeland and became the prime thinker behind the territorial movement.

ISBN 13: 9780915361984

Early life and education: Zangwill was born in London on 21 January , in a family of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. He dedicated his life to championing the cause of people he considered oppressed, becoming involved with topics such as Jewish emancipation, Jewish assimilation, territorialism, Zionism, and women s suffrage. His brother was novelist Louis Zangwill.