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Bohlen, Tonstufen in der Duodezime , Acustica vol. There are Logarithmic Interval Measures from which this material has been taken. German hero m. German heroic, heroically, valiant, brave, courageous, valiantly, bravely, courageously, heroical, lion-hearted. German to assist, to help, to aid, to lend a hand, to support, to avail, to second, to give a hand, to befriend, to bestead, to bolster. German aide, aide worker, assistant, backer, helper, auxiliary, hand helper, helping hand , reliever, cohort assistant, colleague , accomplice in a crime , domestique cycling.

Spanish m. French m. Helicon musical instrument. Light makes bitumen insoluble so the image areas can be washed out with solvent that exposes the plate. The plate can now be etched and printed in the intaglio method resulting in a gravure-like continuous toned print. The process was mostly used for commercial printing between and , though it is occasionally still used today. English, German n.

Greek mythology ancient god of the sun, who drove his chariot across the sky each day identified with Roman god Sol. These frequencies depend on the shape and size of the cavity and on the velocity of sound within the cavity. Human vocal cords vibrate non-sinusoidally in the vocal tract, giving rise to a range of frequencies above the fundamental.

The vocal tract mainly enhances lower frequency components imparting the recognizable voice spectrum. Although the vocal cords' vibrational frequencies are little affected by helium, the effect of higher cavity resonances is to alter substantially the relative amplitudes of the voice spectrum components thus leading to apparent pitch change. Acoustics FAQ from which this extract has been taken.

German clear, bright, light, lucid, brightly, radiant, fair of skin , radiantly, light-toned colour, shade , lightish in colour , pale colour. German sensitive, keen-eared figurative , poorly soundproofed house, room , badly soundproofed house, room , keen of hearing dated , sharp-eared figurative , wafer-thin wall. This "hell mouth" would either be located on one side of the stage or it would be a trap-door in the floor.

During morality plays and mystery plays, actors playing demons would enter through the hell mouth in order to dramatically grab sinners and drag them off to hell. By the time of the Renaissance, the term 'hell mouth' was used to refer to any trap-door in the bottom of the stage. At Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, for instance, the cellerage, or the entire area under the stage was referred to as "hell," and the area above the stage, where musicians played, was often referred to as "the heavens".

Many musical instruments rely on air resonance to improve their sonority. If you blow across the mouth of a bottle you can often get a note. Sitemap

The bottle behaves as a Helmholtz resonator. The main volume of air inside the bottle is analogous to a spring, whilst the "plug" of air in the neck acts as an attached mass. Example: A 75 cl 7. Helmholtz resonators are sometimes employed as a means of passive noise control in air conditioning ducts. They may also be hidden in the wall design of auditoria and offices in order to improve the acoustics. Big Circle Figures. Swiss history the Helvetic Republic represented an early attempt to impose a central authority over Switzerland, which until then consisted mainly of self-governing cantons united by a loose military alliance, and conquered territories such as Vaud.

A constitutional arrangement imposed by French military might, the Republic existed as a state for only five years but failed to achieve widespread popular support among its citizens. However, some aspects of it have survived into present-day Switzerland. Helvetic Republic from which this extract has been taken. German shirt-sleeved, in shirtsleeves, shirt-sleeve, casual figurative , down-to-earth figurative.

Greek hemiolios , literally 'the whole and a half' also called 'cross-rhythm', a rhythmic pattern where two notes are played in the time allotted to three or where three notes are played in the time allotted to two the latter is also called a 'triplet'. Hemiola, Hemiolia or Cross-rhythm Hemiola. German to inhibit, to clam, to clog, to retard, to frustrate, to arrest, to block, to dam, to delay, to embarrass, to estop, to obstruct, to stop, to stunt, to manacle figurative , to hamper, to hinder, to check, to stem flow.

German obstructing, clamming, clogging, dwarfing, inhibiting, arrestive, obstructive, repressive, retarding, inhibitory, debilitating. German unarrested, self-indulgent, free from restraint, free from restraints, incontinent, unbridled figurative , unrestrainedly, out-and-out, unrestrained, unscrupulous, unscrupulously, without restraint, uncontrollably laugh, cry, scream.

Henan Opera is popular among the provinces or regions of Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Hubei, Ningxia, Xinjing, and so on, making it one of the most influential operas in China. Henan opera from which this extract has been taken. Latin from Greek in linguistics, a figure of speech in which a concept normally expressed by adjective and noun is expressed by two nouns joined by 'and'.

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Hendiadys from which this extract has been taken. Hendrix chord from which this information and image have been taken. Chinese, literally 'blowing horizontally' the name given to flutes during the the reign of the second emperor of the Han Dynasty, first century BC. Greek mythology the lame god of fire and metalworking in ancient mythology, identified with the Roman Vulcan. According to Chinese chronicles, they were originally a tribe living to the north of the Great Wall and were known as Hoa or Hoa-tun.

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Hephthalites from which this extract has been taken. This is known as the bimodular method of approximating logarithms and can be used for other measures as well. Greek or Eptanissian song', an urban popular song usually sung by three male voices in chorus, it is characterized by simple harmonic improvisations and accompanied by guitar, mandolin or other similar instruments.

Although Italian music greatly influenced this serenading type of music with its sweet, nostalgic melody and romantic words based primarily on love, it originated in Kephalonia. Due to its popularity, it spread rapidly to other Ionian islands, especially Zakynthos and Kerkyra before eventually reaching the mainland of Greece. English, German f. Greek Mythology.

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The goddess of women, marriage, and childbirth; the wife and sister of Zeus. German at a discount, at a reduction, knocked down, degraded, reduced, lowered, commuted, depreciated in worth , disparaged. German condescending, condescendingly, high and mighty, deigning, patronising, contemptuous, disdainfully, disdainful, patronisingly, supercilious, dismissively, cavalierly arrogantly. German to degrade, to depreciate, to disparage, to belittle, to remit reduce , to reduce, to decrease, to abate, to bring down, to cheapen, to curtail, to depress, to lessen, to lower, to mark down, to price down, to cut reduce , to diminish price, authority , to level down prices , to deflate prices.

German to come crashing down, to descend rapidly avalanche , to come rushing down rocks, water, etc. It is dated as early as the 6th century BC. German to pull up, to raise, to grow, to adduct, to bring up children , to use evidence, resources , to gather clouds , to call on. German to conjure up, to provoke, to magic up, to evoke, to summon evoke, provoke , to invoke spirits.

German to walk up towards me , to dawn day, era , to break dawn , to well up memories, etc. German to pull up, to loom storm , to draw near, to draw night literary , to gather storm , to dawn day, era [entry partly provided by Michael Zapf]. German to spy out, to spot, to find out ascertain , to come to know, to make out, to search out, to sift out, to work out find the answer to something , to figure out ascertain.

German to find out when the train starts, to find out when the train departs, to find out when the train leaves. German challenging, defying, defiantly, defiant, provocative, provoking, provocatively, teasingly provocatively , challengingly, arrogant, inviting. German to hand over, to give change in return for sum proffered , to surrender, to return give back. German surrendered, released, redacted, edited, published, published by [corrected by Brian A. German to be all dressed up to the nines, to be all dolled up to the nines, to be dressed up like a peacock.

German to lift out, to single out emphasise , to haul out a boat , to bring out to make clear , to stress. German to issue, to be published, to come forth, to come out, to come up, to get out, to result, to seep out, to out, to come to light figurative , to emerge, to eventuate formal. German to take out, to gut fish , to draw chicken, etc. German to jut, to protrude, to stick up, to stick out, to project, to shoot out, to stand out, to poke out, to be proud protrude , to stand proud nail, etc. German projecting, jutting, outstanding, prominent, shining, singular, protruding, excellent, rising, stellar, pre-eminent, proud protruding , preeminent, larger-than-life, summa cum laude US: outstanding.

German to shoot out, to sluice out, to spout water , to leap out flames , to shoot out flames. German to yank, to extract, to abstract, to extract from, to pull out to extract , to extricate. German harsh, harshly, tart flavour , tartly, sour, dry, bitter, not sweet, brut of wine, especially champagne , rough, austere manner.

The selection of pieces is rather different from that of most other retrospective collections of these years, such as those of the Glareanus circle or the printers in Nuremberg and Frankfurt. The works of Josquin chosen include otherwise unknown or obscure chansons and the motet Misericordias Domini as well as his four-voice En l'ombre d'ung buissonet ascribed to Ockeghem. The books represent what is, in the context of other known collections, a fresh and original view of the years around In addition, the copyist plainly looked at the works with an analytical intent.

Marks on the scores draw attention to parallel movement, difficult suspensions, odd simultaneities, and so on. A disease process in which the nervous system progressively and irreversibly deteriorates. German to come inside, to step in, to enter, to walk in, to roll in figurative: money, profits, etc.

German to bolt in rush in , to burst in, to break in on, to barge in colloquial: abruptly enter. In its earliest sense, heriot was the gift of arms and armour an Anglo-Saxon chieftain or hlaford would give to his thegn , a warrior who vowed to serve him, to fight for him, and to avenge his master's death. Blaine, MN. Fort Lauderdale, FL. New York, NY. Miami Beach, FL. Day Out with Thomas - Phillipsburg. Phillipsburg, NJ. Pips Island - New York. BTS Exhibition in the U. Brooklyn, NY. Rocknoceros - Vienna.

Vienna, VA. Big Apple Circus - Albany. Albany, GA. Golden Ticket. Lincoln, NE. Castle Tour - Sedalia. Sedalia, CO. Columbus, OH. Ottawa Bluesfest Friday Pass. Ottawa, Canada. WXPN Free. Philadelphia, PA. RBC Bluesfest. Alcatraz Night Tour - San Francisco. San Francisco, CA. Shark Reef Aquarium - Las Vegas.

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Brantley Gilbert. Naperville, IL. Skyefall Music Festival. Dresser, WI. Batavia Muckdogs at Auburn Doubledays. Cooperstown, NY. Puddle Of Mudd with Trapt. Muskegon, MI. Salem, VA. Hello, Dolly! Washington, DC. Mansfield, MA. The Calamari Sisters - Auburn. Auburn, NY. Essence Mansion Party Options. Life Sucks. The Office! A Musical Parody - New York. Hamilton - New York. The Prom - New York. Private Lives - Stratford.

Stratford, Canada. The Lion King - New York. Frozen - New York. King Kong Broadway - New York. Events by SeatGeek. Close Window. Music Topics. Popular Music Brands. Acoustic Guitars. Bass Guitars. Electric Guitars. Electronic Drums.

MIDI Controllers. Music Theory Books. Studio Chairs.

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Anaheim, California. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Anchorage, Alaska. Atlanta, Georgia. Arlington, Texas. Aurora, Colorado. Austin, Texas. Bakersfield, California. Baltimore, Maryland. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Billings, Montana. Birmingham, Alabama. Boise, Idaho. Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, North Carolina. Chicago, Illinois. Cincinnati, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio. Columbia, South Carolina. Corpus Christi, Texas. Colorado Springs, Colorado. Columbus, Ohio. Dallas, Texas. Des Moines, Iowa. Denver, Colorado. Detroit, Michigan. Durham, North Carolina.

El Paso, Texas. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Worth, Texas. Fresno, California. Honolulu, Hawaii. Indianapolis, Indiana. Irvine, California. Jacksonville, Florida. Jersey City, New Jersey. Kansas City, Missouri. Lansing, Michigan. Las Vegas, Nevada. Lexington, Kentucky. Los Angeles,California.