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Shipcraft 12 - Essex Class Aircraft Carriers of the Second

  1. P-51 Mustang: From 1940 to 1980 (Planes and Pilots)
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Railway Modelling

Wednesday, Aug. Friday Saturday Aug. Practice at 4 p. We hope you enjoy all the amenities and see all the sights. Get out to the Greene County fair — the livestock, the competitions, the food, the rides and the fun is waiting for you!

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Feel free to browse our photos of the fair below!! Have any comments? Feel free to leave those below as well. Our tour guide Kala and a fellow fair worker enjoying the day! John F. Edgar was born October 19, on the farm that Robert, his father, had established in , on the hills east of Wayne Avenue in Dayton. Edgar lost his appeal for farming and eventually turned to the trade practiced earlier by his father, that of building contracting. His father helped provide him with all the secrets of the trade and by the year of , he became a sole agent, becoming extremely successful at his craft.

In , because of his building contracts, he worked on railroad and turnpike construction projects and soon became an incorporator and secretary of the Dayton-Springfield Turnpike. By , he was one of the organizers of the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad and was appointed superintendent. Edgar was an original subscriber to the Woodland Cemetery Association. About the time of the Civil War, Mr. Edgar left the construction business and opened a family grocery on Main Street. He soon became so apt in his knowledge of local history that he was considered by many as the official historian and received much acclaim.

Needless to say, it met with instant success. The Cemetery and Arboretum are open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. The Mausoleum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Search for:.

73,000 LEGO Bricks of Dominoes!

The Featured Articles. How To Go? What does it mean for a country to self-actualize? What would it look like for not only a person, but a collection of people, to become together all that we can be? How does individual freedom provide the greatest space for our collective genius to unfold? Pets on leashes are welcome. How to Go?

Eat, Drink, and be Merry Go Round.


P-51 Mustang: From 1940 to 1980 (Planes and Pilots)

Bourbon Chicken over White Rice. Funnel Cake with Strawberry Topping. New Huge Farm Equipment! Camel, Llamas, Goats! Welcome one and all! Deep frying everything. Corn Dog — regular. Inside a deep fried Snickers bite. Caramel Apples! Fry booth. Fried Veggies. Good Times. Hawkins BBQ. People having fun. A favorite. Pony Rides!

Stop here for chicken! Lots of vendors. Sugar Waffle time! Ragu vs. Both men pictured have a strong fan base of believers and skeptics. Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children, visits various countries at the end of each year for a gift-giving tour. The Dutch colonial town of New Amsterdam maintained a Sinterklaas tradition long after the English occupied it and renamed it New York. This child-loving man ….

Ask a child to draw a mountain and you will get something like the Matterhorn. The shape of this famous mountain, situated on the Swiss-Italian border in the Alps, is one of the most iconic pictures of nature; almost a caricature of itself. The summit of the Matterhorn was first reached in Today, it is a popular destination for climbers. Each summer, guides take a large number of people up the route, which is equipped with fixed ropes. The …. Some days when we look in the mirror we like what we see, some days less so.

Would it not be great to be able to tweak the image a bit? After all, it is our main manifestation to the outside world, right? Our beloved King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is living proof that manipulating your own looks can be a precarious game. At the height of his success, Jackson underwent pioneering plastic surgery to recreate his own face according to ….

Remember Dolly, the first mammal to be successfully cloned from an adult somatic cell?

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Her birth was announced in People tend to see clones as exact copies of the originals, but they are not. While their DNA is the same, as in monozygotic twins, variations in the environment can cause significant dissimilarities. Dolly lived to the age of six, giving birth "naturally" to a lamb named Bonnie, before being put down because of progressive lung disease and crippling arthritis. Valium, Prozac, Placebo, Viagra, Candy: can you say which one doesn't belong? Or, to rephrase the question: can you say exactly where the boundary lies between medicine and entertainment?

It is difficult to judge: both aim to increase quality of life. But what that means is arguably a matter of taste. The White House, seat and symbol of the US government, is built in a Roman style, which was in turn inspired by Greek architecture. At left, we see it applied in the Villa Rotonda, a building by the renaissance architect Paladdio. Different empires, same building. Recently the Chinese entrepreneur Huang Qiaoling 34th on Forbes' list of rich people in China had a replica of the White House built in his garden so he could meet business associates in the "Oval Office".

When the former football star and actor OJ Simpson was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, both Newsweek and Time Magazine used the police mug shot on their cover. The case was racially charged from the start, because both victims were white and the accused was black. Polls and surveys at the time indicated that public opinion on whether Simpson was the murderer was split along racial lines. Time admitted it had intentionally darkened the Simpson …. Creating the perfect cup of espresso used to be an art form in itself. The beans had to be ground to exactly the right coarseness and the water pressure precisely controlled to obtain a delicious espresso with an impeccably formed layer of crema.

But with the Senseo coffee machine, depicted at left, it all seems so easy: put in a coffee pod and press the button and out comes a beautiful cup of mud You can't beat the real thing, but then again, some generations seem to prefer the other choice. Competition between cola brands goes back a long time. Over the years, the two contenders have used different slogans and strategies to sell their products.

It's fascinating to see the development over time:. Pepsi, Real Satisfaction in Every Glass. Coke, Be Sociable. Pepsi, Be Really Refreshed. Coke, …. Play can be a wonderful way to learn new things. Even young lions obtain their predatory skills through play. Don't worry - it's only a game! Humor can bring relief in tense situations. But where do you draw the line between jokes and reality?

Playing with a gun means two very different things for a child from a stable region of the world and a child soldier in Liberia. In particular, very young children, who lack frames of reference, can …. At right is a picture of the city of Toronto seen from a degree angle. At left is a screen shot from the computer game Sim City, in which the player's objective is to develop and maintain a city, including traffic streams, utilities, population and so on. Yes, it's just a game, but remember, the young gamers of today will grow up to be the urban planners of tomorrow.

Which of these women do you think is more beautiful? At the Miss Germany pageant, the eight finalists were photographed from the same angle without makeup.

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The portraits were then mixed into a virtual Miss Germany using computer graphic techniques. The picture at right is of the woman who later won the competition. Decide for yourself which beauty pleases you most. It's fascinating how stock traders can get so excited about a few abstract numbers on an electronic display. These numbers represent real money, and every small fluctuation can mean the difference between being rich or poor. What we usually don't realize is that money itself is already a virtual phenomenon: a representation of value constructed to replace the awkward, imprecise trading of physical goods.

Tomb Raider, featuring superwoman Lara Croft, was one of the most successful video games of its generation. Although many computer games had previously been created as spin-offs of Hollywood blockbusters, Tomb Raider was the first game to be taken as inspiration for a movie. The studio had to find an actress who resembled a 3D game character made of polygons. Luckily, Angelina Jolie turned out to be perfect for the role. Sunsets are loved by people all around the globe. Could this universal aesthetic preference be linked to a deeply rooted understanding of the sunset's importance?

Life on earth could not exist without the gigantic nuclear power station of the sun. If it dimmed, it would mean the end of all earthly life, although because of the enormous distance, it would take eight minutes for us to notice our doom. Regardless of our knowledge, the sun remains a romantic disc in …. Two disasters in New York, with the Emirpe state in view. The other photo was taken on 11 September , the day the world watched the World Trade Center towers crumble after two hijacked planes crashed into them.

It almost seemed like a movie. Ironically, when reality hits hardest, we start referring to things we've seen in films to cope with …. Did you ever wonder why the letters on the keyboard are in the order they are? This order was chosen to reduce the probability that mechanical typewriters' hammers would get entangled. Over time, typewriters were replaced by computers. Though various alternative keyboard layouts have been developed from a user-centred perspective, to enable more comfortable and faster typing, the QWERTY layout remains the standard today.

Once a technology has become the norm, it seems …. Almost by default, we associate simulation with modern media: games and virtual reality. But what about the Phyllium giganteum? It is not a leaf but an insect disguised as one. But it is surely no accident. Countless other insects, flowers, and animals use camouflage or imitation techniques to increase their chances of survival. Simulation seems to be a natural phenomenon in life. For a long time in the history of painting, the landscape functioned merely as a backdrop for people, buildings or symbols.

But in the 17th century, artists started making paintings using the landscape as the central subject. The one shown here is the work of Pieter Molijn. Landscape paintings taught people to appreciate the landscape solely for its beauty. Today, this has resulted in the construction of mobile-phone antenna masts dressed up to look like trees. A regular mast, of …. The delicate armchair depicted at left is a Finnish design created in by architect and designer Alvar Aalto , who in Scandinavia is sometimes called the father of modernism.

This version includes an extra piece of wood on the back, which makes the chair fully monkey proof. That muddy, greasy burger on my plate isn't the firm, fresh, delicious one I picked out from the advertisements above the counter, is it? I vividly remember my first visit to McDonald's as a child. Of course, I already knew all the products from the commercials, and when the burger came to the table, I remember thinking, "Ok, this is it then In ancient times, heroes like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus explored unknown territories of the globe.

The climax of these terrestrial explorations was reached at the beginning of the space age, when astronauts captured the entire earth in a single picture. Today, world travel has become a teenage tourist activity, but luckily there still are other spheres to conquer. Whether we are roaming the globe with Google Earth, descending into the depths of our genes or traveling to the outskirts …. After having seen Disney's blockbuster 'Finding Nemo', every scuba diver that happens to meets with the original white orange striped clownfish underwater, will unmistakable think 'Hey, there is Nemo'.

A sweet and innocent example of how media experiences tend to structure 'real-life' experiences. From our Fake for Real series. Cartoon characters fuel our imagination. For the duration of the book or movie, they supply us with an alternative playful identity; an escape from the dull monotonous everyday into a more joyful, colorful and creative life. For some, like for instance this Japanese girl dressed up as the Wikipedia mascotte Wikipe-tan, the flatness of the pictures just isn't enough. They are so captivated by these imaginative identities that they decide to live the life. Make them real.

The Lascaux cave conserves some of the first images created by man, dating back to around 15, BC. The depiction of large animals on the cave walls is considered as a preparation for the hunt; one of the earliest simulations conducted by man. Needless to say, the role of simulations in our society only increased ever since. Nowadays we routinely delve into the virtual realities of television, internet, and videogames depicted right, a screenshot from the videogame Half-Life.

Images are …. At the beginning of the digital era, several metaphors from the physical world were transferred to the digital environment in order to make, otherwise incomprehensible, technology understandable. The digital trashcan from the classic Mac OS is a well-known example. It's just so much easier to drag your documents into the trashcan to delete, rather than having to enter some series of obscure commands to obtain the same result.

It is true, they are rare, but they do exist: girls with tiny waists and large breasts. Occasionally, women are simply born like this. The only problem they have - in a world where plastic surgeons sculpt flesh to match retouched photographs in glossy magazines - is that nobody believes their boobs are natural anymore. Join us! These robotic flowers are attracting bees Kelly Streekstra March 19th The return of Rayfish Footwear?

The Punishment is an installation featuring a robotic arm that mimics a kid's handwriting perfectly, and repetitively writes "I must not hurt humans". After mounting criticism from environmentalists, a firefly-themed park in China announced that the glowing bugs will be replaced by lasers. Rent a rain room with simulated rain with a motion sensor to go through the rain without getting wet. Cookies Information. Information about cookies We use cookies in order to improve your user experience. Cookies on this website 1.

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