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  2. ' Remain' With Emotions - Poem by anushmadhu P.Bharathi
  3. Poetry In Motion | Definition of Poetry In Motion by Merriam-Webster
  4. 6 Ways to Evoke Emotion in Poetry and Prose

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Love words? Need even more definitions? Ask the Editors On Contractions of Multiple Words You all would not have guessed some of these A Look at Uncommon Onomatopoeia Some imitative words are more surprising than others Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Take the quiz Words for Summer: A Quiz Test your knowledge of words related to the season of longer days and vacations. Take the quiz Spell It Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? You with your dark blonde hair hazel eyes you with your beautiful hands You who left me angry You who showed me a different way of love You who went with me on my third concert third love third.

I with wavy dark brown hair hazel eyes with freckles on my face I who loved everyone of you but still couldnt forget you, number two I who loved everyone of you but you left me wanting more, number four I who loved everyone of you was being loved. Usally I write my poems on paper first, and then I will reread them and think about them, may make some changes and then upload them here. But in this very second I am just so full of emotion that I want to write and I want it to be honest so no rereading or correcting. Just me. Mentally beginning anew, Shower and storms scramble, A mind, a mess, stuck in the cold of blue, Writhing in pain without preamble.

A season after the cries of winter, The tears of petals shed, Flows hope once more enter Where a broken heart bleed. Relief of breath ooze, As fragile blooms of forgiveness peek, Through darken days of self abuse, To nurture the delicate emotional physique, Healing in time blind, Pure instinct survives, An emotional breakdown of the mind. Until finally, awaken spring arrives.

' Remain' With Emotions - Poem by anushmadhu P.Bharathi

In winter, depression manages to take its strong grip on me, almost strangling me. Spring is a breath of fresh air to my mind, with its negative inner voice. Lizzy Feb Smarty Pants. I'm smarter than Most people i know, But i've been cursed With the ability to Feel. I have a multitude of thoughts Being triggered every second.

Each with their own Unique emotion. I feel each one vividly, And with amazing depth Creating a storm in my head Impossible to ignore. My storm of emotions Grows so strong, It prevents the simultaneous thoughts From being articulated Or understood. I can confuse myself, And break my own heart Because of the complexity Of my mind. An astounding talent, really. My dad says I'm smart, Too smart for my own good. And he's probably right. What good is a brain, When your heart makes all the decisions?

PoserPersona Sep On His Confidence. We know it. Emotional Overload. Emotions on overdrive! Cool down process starting!

Poetry In Motion | Definition of Poetry In Motion by Merriam-Webster

Wait, what's going on? I don't understand!! Cool down failed Try again? I don't What's going on? System shutting down. What system? Emotions are now inaccessible. My emotions? Downloading Depression. Please no, not again Depression installed. Running Depression.

6 Ways to Evoke Emotion in Poetry and Prose

Since it was me who started it, I must then beg your pardon; it made sense to let my heartstrings play the tune of your sweet laughter. I thought love was something that lived just next-door-but-one to hate.

Poet Stewart Henderson and his classroom challenge

Aaron LaLux Oct Battle Wounds. M Salinger Dec Umi Jan Making Love. Prachi Aug I'm sorry! I don't know the reason, Maybe because I was disillusioned, or may be because I misjudged, and I was imprudent. But that day when I heard you name, I couldn't stop myself from talking to you. I found myself in the memory lane, and all divergence creating reminiscence. Tears rolled at the pace of the emergence; of all memories sweet and bitter.

I made a good decision and talked to you, never expected you to take it so lightly as if noting ever happened between us, Your the best brother ever, but neither I am nor I was a good sister. I spoke to my cousin after a long time. But he took it lightly,and it made me happy. Elizabeth Zenk Jun Physical Emotions. Wanting to sleep forever Wanting to wake up from this nightmare. Nicole Alyssia Oct Hurts So Good.

It's about you. Venus in Scorpio Jan Emotional Affair. Genesee Mar Downside Of Emotional Attachment. I know it may sting at first After all, it took a long time for me to leave you Even though I wasn't involved with you on a physical level Emotionally that was a different story. The way I kept holding onto you resembled a vine that was in tangled with itself Mixed with red roses In addition to the feeling of trying to let you go When I attempted to time and time again It proved to be nothing and no use as one would say.

I did try to detach from you.