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Then the tailor, not being able to stand it any longer, took from his chimney-corner a ragged cloth, and saying, "Now, I'll let you have it!

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When he ceased, and counted the slain, he found seven lying dead before him. The tailor fastened the belt round him, and began to think of going out into the world, for his workshop seemed too small for his worship. So he looked about in all the house for something that it would be useful to take with him, but he found nothing but an old cheese, which he put in his pocket. Outside the door he noticed that a bird had got caught in the bushes, so he took that and put it in his pocket with the cheese.

Then he set out gallantly on his way, and as he was light and active he felt no fatigue. The way led over a mountain, and when he reached the topmost peak he saw a terrible giant sitting there, and looking about him at his ease.


The tailor went bravely up to him, called out to him, and said, "Comrade, good day! I am on the way thither to seek my fortune: have you a fancy to go with me? But as he wanted to prove him, he took up a stone and squeezed it so hard that water came out of it. Then the giant took up a stone and threw it so high that it was nearly out of sight. And the bird, when it found itself at liberty, took wing, flew off, and returned no more.

And the little man was very cheerful and merry, and whistled the tune: "There were three tailors riding by" as if carrying the tree was mere child's play. The giant, when he had struggled on under his heavy load a part of the way, was tired out, and cried, "Look here, I must let go the tree!

But the little tailor was much too weak to hold the tree, and as the giant let go, the tree sprang back, and the tailor was caught up into the air. And when he dropped down again without any damage, the giant said to him, "How is this?


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I just jumped over the tree because the hunters are shooting down there in the bushes. You jump it too, if you can. Then said the giant, "As you are such a gallant fellow, suppose you come with me to our den, and stay the night. When they reached the den there sat some other giants by the fire, and each had a roasted sheep in his hand, and was eating it.

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The little tailor looked round and thought, "There is more elbow-room here than in my workshop. The bed was, however, too big for the tailor, so he did not stay in it, but crept into a corner to sleep. As soon as it was midnight the giant got up, took a great staff of iron and beat the bed through with one stroke, and supposed he had made an end of that grasshopper of a tailor. Very early in the morning the giants went into the wood and forgot all about the little tailor, and when they saw him coming after them alive and merry, they were terribly frightened, and, thinking he was going to kill them, they ran away in all haste.

So the little tailor marched on, always following his nose. And after he had gone a great way he entered the courtyard belonging to a King's palace, and there he felt so overpowered with fatigue that he lay down and fell asleep. Then the little tailor began his game anew, picked out a heavier stone and threw it down with force upon the first giant's chest.

The other paid him back with ready coin, and they fought with such fury that they tore up trees by their roots to use for weapons against each other, so that at last they both of them lay dead upon the ground.

Despertar en el cielo (Waking Up in Heaven Spanish Edition)

And now the little tailor got down. The little tailor then claimed the promised boon, but the King repented him of his offer, and he sought again how to rid himself of the hero. In the wood lives a unicorn who does great damage; you must secure him. Seven at one blow!

no dar ni golpe

So, taking a rope and an axe with him, he went out into the wood, and told those who were ordered to attend him to wait outside. He had not far to seek, the unicorn soon came out and sprang at him, as if he would make an end of him without delay. The unicorn ran with all his might against the tree and stuck his horn so deep into the trunk that he could not get it out again, and so was taken. The King did not yet wish to give him the promised reward, and set him a third task to do. Before the wedding could take place the tailor was to secure a wild boar which had done a great deal of damage in the wood.

The huntsmen were to accompany him. When the boar caught sight of the tailor he ran at him with foaming mouth and gleaming tusks to bear him to the ground, but the nimble hero rushed into a chapel which chanced to be near, and jumped quickly out of a window on the other side.

Ni golpe | Spanish Translator

The boar ran after him, and when he got inside the door shut after him, and there he was imprisoned, for the creature was too big and unwieldy to jump out of the window too. Then the little tailor called the huntsmen that they might see the prisoner with their own eyes; and then he betook himself to the king, who now, whether he liked it or not, was obliged to fulfil his promise, and give him his daughter and the half of his kingdom. But if he had known that the great warrior was only a little tailor he would have taken it still more to heart.

So the wedding was celebrated with great splendour and little joy, and the tailor was made into a king. One night the young queen heard her husband talking in his sleep and saying, "Now boy, make me that waistcoat and patch me those breeches, or I will lay my yard measure about your shoulders! The king bade her be comforted, saying, "To-night leave your bedroom door open, my guard shall stand outside, and when he is asleep they shall come in and bind him and carry him off to a ship, and he shall be sent to the other side of the world.

At night he lay down as usual in bed, and when his wife thought that he was asleep, she got up, opened the door and lay down again. The little tailor, who only made believe to be asleep, began to murmur plainly, "Now, boy, make me that waistcoat and patch me those breeches, or I will lay my yard measure about your shoulders!

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I have slain seven at one blow, killed two giants, caught a unicorn, and taken a wild boar, and shall I be afraid of those who are standing outside my room door? And so the little tailor all his lifetime remained a king. Dijo entonces el gigante: -Ya que eres tan valiente, ven conmigo a nuestra casa y pasa la noche con nosotros.

Pero los soldados del rey lo miraban con malos ojos y, en realidad, deseaban tenerlo a mil millas de distancia. Y no me hacen falta los cien jinetes. Dijo el Cuervo: "- Nunca mas". Y, del Cuervo reverendo, mi tristeza aun sonriendo, ante puerta y busto y pajaro rode luego mi sitial; y, al amor del terciopelo, fue enlazando mi desvelo mil ficciones, indagando que buscaba, inmemorial, aquel flaco, torpe, lugubre, rancio cuervo inmemorial con su eterno: "Nunca mas". Mudo ahora esto inquiria; mudo ante el, porque sentia me abrasaba su mirar; esto y mas fui meditando, reposandome en lo blando del cojin violeta oscuro que ya nunca oprimiras, el cojin - junto a mi lampara- que ya nunca oprimiras, oh Leonora, nunca mas!

Y ensone que en el ambiente columpiaban dulcemente, emisarios invisibles, incensario inmaterial. Y exclame: "- Triste alma mia: por tus angeles te envia el Senor, tregua, y nepente con que al fin olvidaras! Bebe, bebe ese nepente, y a Leonora olvidaras! La que se oye "Leonora" por los angeles nombrar! Partiras, pues has mentido, "Ve a la noche plutoniana! Goza alli la tempestad! Ni una pluma aqui sombria Abandona ya este busto! Deja en paz mi soledad! Quita el pico de mi pecho! Deja a mi alma en soledad! Y aun el Cuervo, inmovil, calla: quieto se halla, mudo se halla en tu busto, oh Palas palida que en mi puerta fija estas; y en sus ojos, torvo abismo, suena, suena el Diablo mismo y mi lumbre arroja al suelo su ancha sombra pertinaz, y mi alma, de esa sombra que alli tiembla pertinaz, no ha de alzarse, Nunca mas!

Descanso y olvido de las memorias de Leonor. Bebe, oh bebe este buen filtro, y olvida esa Leonor perdida. Dime la verdad, te lo imploro.