Manual Libyas Unknown Atrocity: A western womans fight for justice

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This was the only bit of good news that seemed to have come to the US. Because on other days it was about numbers of the US soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, fuel price hikes, economic recession, long unemployment queues, high percentage of mortgage defaultes that were commen features of the US channels. Aftera long time it was a good news and the killing of Ossama by Obama.

It was a great relief to the US citizens. Above all, it was a big boost for President Obama. His low popularity rate has gone up by 11 percent thanks to the death of Osama. And certianly it will take him to the US Presidency in the next election too.


Libya's Justice Pandemonium | Human Rights Watch

But it was a tragedy when think of his past. Pakistan was a pillion rider of Uncle Sam throughout the war. It was Pakistan which provided shelter, tranning and secrect infromation for the Mujahdeens. However with the collapse of the Soviet Union in August Afganistan lost its regional strategic importance to the US. In the mid s the US government stopped funding the Taliban and diverted those funds to Kurdish separatists in North Iraq to wag an another proxy war against the Iraqi government headed by Saddam Hussein. This was a turning point where two buddies the US and Bin Laden became arch enemies.

There was even an euphoric talk in Western mainstream media about the coming to an end of AL-Qaeda. It appears that recent revenged attack launched on Pakistani Naval base aftermath of killing Bin Laden shows that his war against the US terror will continue. Although many Arabs in the region do not share his violent tactics, they agreed with his vision and courage to fight for a new Arab world free of imperialism.

The was imposed by the US and it allies on the Middle East for the past so many decades which had been caused mass destruction of innocent lives, properties and archaeological assets. Those five star democrats in the West have put innocent Muslims in the hands of rulers of pro Western- autocratic regimes to exploit oil and other valuable resources of those countries. As political analyst Matthew Rothschild had pointed out that Bin Laden killed far fewer innocent people in comparison to the U.

It appears that although they do not support violent tactics of Bin Laden, the most of the current democratic movements in the Middle East have much in common with the vision of bin Laden"s imminent need of liberation of Arab nations from Western imperialism. This is something that the Western media do not want to report due to vested interests. On other hand ordinary Arabs do not to preffere to express their views due fear of persecution by their own autocratic governments often supported by Western powersAll of these leaders supported by the US and its allies in Middle East are ehither dictators or Kings and they were not elected by the people.

The reason is these leaders allowed the US and it allies to have anything they want such as natural resources, strategic military bases, lucrative armed sales and oil refeneries. The US and its Western allies continue to preach about human rights while violating them in the non-Western countries by committing atrocities such as use of force, covert operations and ruthless economic sanctions which have caused widespread sufferings of innocent people.

These are the root causes of terrorism and certainly these brutal acts of the US and its allies will creaet excellent breeding grounds for anti-Western sentiments among these people. AM PD User at The Libyan situation would be much worst. This is a beaning of re-colonization. But they will not able to pursue their targets peacefully under the name of democracy and human right.

Of course there will be more Al-quida. An ultimately entire region will become another Afghanistan. It is the duty of strong nations in Asia,Africa and North America to tackle the issue before its go from the bad to worst. Canada at Weekly review China's railway passengers hit a record 8. However, fighters under his command have been implicated in serious abuses against civilians elsewhere in the country, including preventing civilians from leaving areas under siege , looting and burning homes , and carrying out summary executions.

Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

Hiftar is not known to have held any LNA forces accountable for war crimes or human rights abuses. The International Criminal Court ICC , which has jurisdiction over Libya, has issued an arrest warrant for only one person for crimes committed since the ouster of the Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi in LNA special forces commander Mahmoud al-Warfalli, whose current whereabouts and activities are unknown. On July 4, , the ICC issued a second warrant for al-Warfalli for his alleged involvement in another incident.

He should be immediately surrendered to the ICC.

Libya's rebel forces committed abuses, says Amnesty

Militias in western Libya have also committed serious abuses, Human Rights Watch said. They include failing to take all feasible precautions during fighting in residential areas to spare civilians; forcibly displacing people without military justification and barring their return home ; arbitrarily detaining and abusing thousands of migrants and asylum seekers; and persecuting journalists and civil society activists. Under the laws of war, which apply to internal armed conflicts like the one in Libya, warring parties must direct attacks only at military targets. Deliberate, indiscriminate, or disproportionate attacks against civilians and civilian structures are prohibited.

The laws of war require treating detained civilians and captured fighters humanely. Commanders and prison authorities should communicate clearly to forces under their command that torture and other ill-treatment are prohibited. Anyone taken into custody should be informed of the specific basis for their detention and be able to contest their detention before an impartial authority. Detaining authorities should keep a registry of the names of fighters and civilians known to have been killed or detained as a result of the hostilities, and make the information available to the next of kin.

The phone calls were my lifeline and now I had cut him off. I should have been more supportive, more understanding. Things were okay when they were busy at work, but in the quiet times there was nothing to do. He had to take the internal flight from Benghazi to Tripoli and then the overnight ferry to Malta. The boat arrived the next day but the connection for the flights was not good and sometimes it meant another overnight stay in a one-star hotel in Malta. It was the same coming the other way: what would have been just over a three-hour direct flight from London to Tripoli or Benghazi was now an epic journey.

Vic would have to take a flight to Malta, and with an overnight stay there in order to make the early departure of the boat the next day.

Libyan conflict: Suspected war crimes shared online - BBC Newsnight

At least in Malta the lads could get some beers in, but Tripoli offered no such reprieve. The lads from his work had complained bitterly to the head office, but they got nowhere.

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The UN sanctions were causing havoc for the three thousand or so British expat workers there, mainly oil workers. And yet Libya still continued to produce and sell as much oil as ever. The sanctions did not affect its income, just its people.

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After our phone call, I paced up and down the living room, looked to the phone in the hallway intermittently. It stayed silent. I picked up the receiver once or twice and heard the dial tone I hoped was missing; that would explain why my husband had not called again to soothe my ruffled feathers.

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  • Libya: Threat of Tripoli Fighting Raises Atrocity Concerns.

Finally, I slumped in front of the television, aware that I only had myself to blame for being so snaky. I should have been more understanding, I told myself.

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This night was the first night of our nine years together that I would let the sun go down on an unresolved argument. The hours dragged by all weekend, and then Sunday morning brought a promise of hope: the phone rang but there was no one at the other end. That sometimes happened when he rang from Libya. A boisterous buzz swirled around the modern church hall as the congregation sang out praises.

This church was so different to my Catholic upbringing, and I loved it for its vibrancy. All these years I had searched for God, and I had found him on the edge of our council estate. There were five days to go til Christmas, and usually I would have listened with excitement. I rushed the children out of the door the moment the service concluded, anxious to get home and check the answer-phone.

And when I did, hallelujah! A message: Victor had called, and would try to reach me again later. I was home a little more than an hour when the phone rang again. Victor had even allowed the coffee time after church before calling back. He knew me so well. I grabbed for the phone, ejecting a quick hello before settling on the stairs by the phone. We talked for a few more minutes, neither of us wanting to hang up.

I was purring like a cat that had just been stroked. There was so much to say to him still; a letter, yes, I would write him one of my long, rambling letters about how much I missed him and how much I looked forward to seeing him. I stood up from my cramped seat on the bottom step, and stretched, arching my back and then smoothing down my tummy. Perhaps we would have another child, I thought. I wanted more children; we had agreed that four was a good number.

Victor was keen to have more, but I had held back, just allowing a little breathing space. Now Tallena was three, perhaps I would give him what he wanted this time. For the next couple of days I bustled about preparing for Christmas and to welcome home Victor. Slowly, I moved over to the television and turned the knob of the volume control up. A map of Libya was on the screen and, emblazoned across it, the route from Benghazi to Tripoli.