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Upon graduation from the program, students will have the skills necessary to lead and engage with a wide range of public organizations, programs, and policy areas. The MPA program believes in the importance of the quality of education and has trained professional public administrators since Achieving accreditation requires the MPA program meet high standards of public service education that are recognized throughout the field of public administration. MPA has provided partnerships with organizations such as Kentucky's area development districts, the Legislative Research Commission and the Center for Local Governments.

Our program is:. There are various opportunities for student engagement and networking in both a professional and academic settings. The program offer a variety of class including ones that are face-to-face, online, and via satellite campuses. The Program includes full-time student and it includes students who are also employed full-time in organizations including the military, law enforcement, other agencies of government, and nonprofits.

The degree requires 39 semester hours of course work including completion of 18 hours of core courses. An internship is required of all students. A final written comprehensive examination must be passed.

Kentucky Government, Politics, and Public Policy

Thesis is not required. PS Workshops in Public Administration 1. The MPA degree requires 39 semester hours of course work including the completion of 18 hours of core courses.

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The curriculum provides a balanced blend of both the practical and the theoretical approaches to the art and science of public administration. An internship is required of all students unless awarded credit based on previous professional experience. Additionally, each student must complete18 hours of elective courses. The goal of these courses is to help prepare students for a variety of professional positions. Start your Application to Graduate School now!

All required course work is offered face-to-face and can be completed on-campus in Bowling Green or at the Fort Knox, and Owensboro regional campuses via onsite interactive television technology. To accommodate the schedules of busy professionals, most required classes and electives are offered in the evenings. Many elective courses are offered online during the fall and spring semesters. In addition, several elective courses are offered in the winter and summer terms. Note: Applicants with a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3. Fall Semester: June Spring Semester: November Summer Sessions: March Winter Term: November 1.

Graduate assistantships, as well as other forms of financial aid, are available to qualified applicants. Graduate assistants are required to work approximately 20 hours per week in the department during the academic semester. In this position, graduate students may assist department staff and faculty members in research, teaching, and service functions. The JUMP program allows students to count up to 12 graduate hours toward the completion of their undergraduate degree program as well as the graduate degree program.

The following procedures are required in order to ensure that you are making progress toward your MPA degree.


Changes substitutions for courses already included on the Program of Study form must be requested and approved by the MPA Advisor prior to enrollment in any alternative course work. The course change form must be approved by the Graduate School as well. Up to 12 semester hours of transfer credit from an accredited institution may be accepted toward meeting the course requirements for the MPA degree.

These courses must be properly identified as graduate level courses. Courses accepted for transfer credit must fall within the 6 year limit for degree completion.


All requests for transfer credit must include supporting documentation regarding course content and requirements. Course outlines, syllabi and reading lists are appropriate for this requirement. The Graduate School must approve all requests for transfer credits. T he completion of the MPA program includes the successful passing of all courses on the student's.

Program of Study, the successful completion of the MPA Comprehensive Exam, and the filing of an application for degree form along with the requisite fees with The Graduate School.

These forms may be obtained online on the Graduate School website. They analyze key issues in education policy, economic and community development, and health care in great detail, explaining persistently controversial topics such as campaign finance, the cost of elections, ethics, and the oversight of regulatory agencies. From the executive branch to the legislature, from the court system to political parties, there is no better primer on government in the commonwealth. Clinger is associate professor of government and director of the masters of public administration at Murray State University.

"Kentucky Government, Politics, and Public Policy" by James C. Clinger and Michael W. Hail

Michael W. With a blend of interviews of current political players, historical information, and hard data, Taking Kentucky Politics Seriously should serve as the go-to text in the library of any student, journalist, scholar or engaged citizen who yearns to understand how Kentucky's government works--or doesn't. The book will be a valuable reference for those who follow politics and public-policy debates. The book is overdue because there has been no such comprehensive volume about Kentucky government and politics since the state Senate went Republican 14 years ago If you could only read one book that explains politics in Kentucky, this would Clinger, James C.

American Politics. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Skip to main content UKnowledge. Authors James C. Access Type Online access to this book is restricted to the University of Kentucky community.