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Showing of 22 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The Bravo Royales series has been very entertaining. Princess Alice Bravo-Calabretti is a very entertaining princess! She's in the tabloids often but her last exploit has her mother irritated with her. Alice has decided to grow-up and now there is a man very interested and she finds herself interested. Noah Cordell is an American tycoon and he wants to marry a princess! Alice is the one he wants. He has issues that Alice can't understand and he won't share so the romance is HOT but Alice won't say yes to his proposal OK this is the story in a nutshell but there is so much more we get to read.

Ms Rimmer created this story for us and of course it's more than the nutshell lol Alice is a good character, she thinks before she reacts which she has just learned to do. Noah is a hard man with those issues I already mentioned but Alice can bring out the best in him, can't she? No more impulsive jaunts to neighboring countries.

Until Alice discovered her "penniless groom" was an American tycoon looking for a princess bride. But his royal heartthrob refused to say "I do" until he gave up his most carefully guarded secret. And she wouldn't settle for anything else than everything he had to give. Only then could they share a true meeting of minds and hearts Bravo-Cordell style. You don't have to have read others in the series to love it. Noah Cordell is a self-made man with money, prestige and power. Now he wants to marry a princess. He's chosen his princess sight unseen. She is Princess Alice of Montedoro: feisty, intelligent, confident, and adventurous.

Noah meets his princess and all is not as it seems. Soon he confesses his plan to the princess.

christine rimmer : D&R'da | D&R - Kültür, Sanat ve Eğlence Dünyası

Can he tame her? Can she unlock his heart? Both are headstrong and used to getting their own way. Passion ignites, but will lasting love result? I love this series. Marriage of Inconvenience. Going Back. Hometown U. Sweet Springs, Texas. More than Friends.

The Cherry Sisters. Mama Jo's Boys. Home in Emmett's Mill. Valentine, Texas. Montana Mavericks: Rust Creek Cowboys. Red Valley Ranchers. The Gingerbread Girls. Cadence Creek Cowboys. Slater Sisters of Montana. Maybe Baby. Bellaroo Creek! Mercy Medical Montana. Men of Mercy Medical. Byrds of a Feather. The Single Mom Diaries. The Falcon Dynasty. Home to Harbor Town. Doctors in Training. Mothers in a Million. Tiny Miracles.

Summer Sisters. Heroes Come Home. The Larkville Legacy. Northbridge Nuptials. The Fortunes of Texas: Whirlwind Romance. Undercover Heroes. Journey Through the Outback. Big Sky Brothers. Wives for Hire. Montana Mavericks: Back in the Saddle. Reunion Brides. First Time Dads! Home to Firewood Island.

Reigning Men. Logan's Legacy Revisited. Dallas Duets. The Coltons. Western Weddings. McKinley Medics. The Fortunes of Texas: Lost Everlasting Love. Having the Boss's Baby. The Langdon Dynasty. Heart to Heart. By Royal Appointment.

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Baby on Board. The Wedding Planners. Doctors in the Family. Koomera Crossing. The Chandlers Request Boardroom Brides. Boardroom Bridegrooms. Catching the Crown. Home to Loveless County. McKettrick Women. Bestselling Author Collection. Summerside Stories. Talk of the Neighborhood. Men of the Outback. Babies, Inc. Brighton Valley Medical Center.

Canyon Country. Castle at Dolphin Bay. High Society Brides. Ready for Baby. To Have and To Hold. White Weddings. Parents Wanted. Long, Tall Texans. The Brides of Bella Lucia. The Husband Fund. The very man who thought her town was his town So why couldn't Starr Bravo think of at least one? Maybe because though she'd been in love with rancher Beau Tisdale since she was sixteen, they'd agreed that this "summer of love" was just that. He had been in hiding for years, but the sight of Dulcie Samples, with her girl-next-door appeal, was enough to finally draw Prince Valbrand into the light.

Yet Valbrand, whose face -- not to mention spirit -- had taken a serious hit from the assassi Taking destiny in hand, three women were determined to have families of their own Nurses Rachel, Lily and Jenna never thought meeting Mr. Right would be so tough. After all, they were smart Princess Liv Thorson honestly believed she could skulk back to America, her uncharacteristic night of passion a secret known only to a sympathetic sister Then came the baby Elli Thorson, displaced Nordic princess, was used to an occasional reminder of where she came from.

But even she was surprised at the sight of the handsome if hulking man in her apartment. He said he'd come by All I want for Christmas: 1 A good bottle of champagne 2 A free-range turkey 3 A cozy snow-covered cabin With that list, lifestyle columnist Jillian Diamond was making a statement about what she didn't want for Christmas -- a man. Of cours When it came to choosing the wrong man, Jane Elliott had written the book. So from now on, Jane had decided that when it came to untamable men, her policy was "hands-off.

She knew he'd never marry Eligible bachelor Fl What's a mother to do when a feisty young cowgirl would rather ride horses than wear a debutante dress? When the sassy tomboy meets a stubborn yet handsome rancher, it's the taming of the shrew, Texas style! But when Joleen fell for a rich boy's honeyed lies -- producing precious but fatherless little Sam -- and Sam's powerful grandparents demanded If ever there was a living embodiment of all that money could buy, Jonas Bravo was it.

But the gleaming facade hid a legacy of loss. For though Jonas had been to the manor born, the kidnapping of his baby brother had yanked the rug out from under him He and Victoria Winningham learning about love in the backseat of his old Plymouth Duster. The fina So when social worker Hannah Miller claimed that three-month-old Becky was Cord's prog All her adult life Lacey Bravo had loved Logan Severance, but the good doctor -- always hell-bent on doing the right thing -- had never even made an improper advance toward her.

Well, maybe one, about nine months ago. So the Pick up dress 2. Do nails 3. Divorce first husband Seems like bride-to-be Jenna Bravo had left one teensy thing undone before she accepted her nice-but-boring fiance's proposal -- divorce her first husba A family of strong women and the passionate and unexpected loves they find in Whitehorn, Montana. Leftover bride Suzanna spent her wedding night with a sexy stranger. But when she discovered she was pregnant with his child, could she refuse the ar Prescription: Marriage -- When three wedding-shy female physicians lose their hearts to three irresistible men, marriage may be just what the doctor ordered Pediatrician Veronica Powers could handle crying babies and Ross Garrison was everything Lynn Taylor ever dreamed of in a prince.

And in one fairy-tale night, she gave him her innocence -- and her heart. Now everyone was talking about how the prim schoolteacher had turned up in Pure chance brought big-city girl Melinda Bravo and rugged rancher Cole Yuma together in time to deliver his sister's newborn. But it was pure desire -- baby and otherwise -- that convinced her there woul Beautiful widow Jenny Brown had gotten used to having ruggedly handsome Nick DeSalvo, her late husband's best buddy, around - as a friend.

Until one day he presented Jenny with a strange request. It seemed that the original si The answer to that question, as nurse practitioner Lee Murphy knew all too well, was a resounding "Yes! Lee had a serious problem on her hands, for despite her pledg He's rugged and untamable. And "bad" Billy Jones has two cardinal rules when it comes to women--no wedding bells, and no kids. But one of those is going to have to bend a little Jones realized, as she looked up to find Sinclair Riker's unrelenting gaze on her. But resisting him was not an option, for though his words hinted a So he proposed an arranged marriage.

How to Marry a Princess

And he knew that it would stay just that, because Tess was a one-man w To fulfill her father's will and keep her precious ranch, Megan Kane needed to marry, bear a child. Since she'd always loved handsome neighbor Nate Bravo - a maverick she couldn't tie down - her solution was simple. She'd beg Na In her hero-worshiping eyes, the Wyoming rancher could do no wrong. But one urgent April night, Cash made a woman of Abby That's what all the town gossips were asking--and what else could she expect? Ladylike Adora was supposed to settle down to a life of solid respectability, and instead she was about to say "I do" to a mo Meet the Fortunes--a family whose legacy is greater than riches.

Because where there's a will Her long-awaited vacation had been waylaid, her "new life" postpone Nevada Jones was used to dispensing advice to the lovelorn - only, this time it was clearly a case of physician, heal thyself! Because even though she'd long ago decided that love was only for other people, hard-driving For ten years Faith Jones had waited for Price Montgomery to see her as anything but the efficient employee she was. For ten years she'd kept not only his house, but his secrets--all the while hoping that one day he would se But these ordinary wishes have eluded her miserably Heather "Sunshine" Conway was a respectable, small-town widow cheerfully waiting tables to make ends meet.

Her brother-in-law, single father Lucas Drury, was a scandalous celebrity -- the Shadowmaster. Only their She could take care of herself--and she knew that marriage and motherhood were for other women, not her. Until the stranger with the familiar face had her wondering if being alone was Andie McCreary was an independent, self-sufficient person, and she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself - and the precious new life she was carrying.

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But her old friend Clay Barrett With shrewd precision and fathomless cool, tracker Jack Roper always got his man. Worse, her aching innocence was making its way into hi Hymn-singing spinster Regina Black was shocked to her virginal core. Imagine, Patrick Jones - North Magdalene's most notorious bachelor dad - out to seduce her. She'd never permit it.

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Not if hell froze over and Satan skated! Yet, in just o Lord knows he'd warned her.

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  • Warned Eden Parker that he was a Jones male through and through-surly as a skinned rattler and nothing but trouble for the cutest, mouthiest do-gooder ever to set foot in town. Though Eden had single-handedly rehabilitated Jordan McSwain was faithful, passionate, sexy But he was also due at a family reunion in a week, and he'd promised to have a bride on his arm! The least Eve Tanner and her two little tykes could do was to play the part Prim-and-proper Delilah Jones was so ornery that her no-good daddy was gambling the mercantile to buy her a bridegroom.

    But bushy-bearded Sam Fletcher would have to be loco to bet on bedding the cantankerous spinster who'd long since branded him a ru Juliet Huddleston vowed to shed her impossibly dull image and unload her reputation as the mousiest thing for miles around. But falling for the town hunk, Cody McIn When a parka-clad angel materialized out of the dizzying snowstorm, Burnett-Clinton, long accustomed to champagne, discovered a powerful thirst for the milk of human kindness.

    Instinctively sensing that angelic Frannie Lawry would sooner boot Burnett Violet Windemere stared out her parlor window It was Slow Larkin, the sexy rebel of her girlhood dreams--the boy she'd once adored with all her heart. Now here he was, eleven years later, just as devastatingly mascu The teenager who'd hated her hometown and feared becoming another good-for-nothing "Dreamin' Durrant" had returned a grown woman, armored with money and success.

    But ev Casey Clinton was in a bind. Custody courts didn't favor single fathers, and he seemed perilously close to losing his beloved nephew. What he needed was a wife. And since his childhood buddy Joanna Vail had always stood by his side through thick and So to ease her jilted-at-the-altar blues, the plain, practical bookstore owner let down her hair, kicked up her heels, and a new, slightly naught Reese Falconer. Just the name made Cassie Alden's pulse race. As a teenager, he'd been the rich boy who'd spurned her awkward advances.

    As an adult, he was a wealthy restaurateur who always got what he wanted, and now Cassie wa She'd hardly noticed; her world had been tumbling down around her. Since t Past and present were colliding Rachel Davis had always believed that as long as she kept the elements of her world separate, she'd make out just fine. There was her thriving business, her family, her childhood home.

    But K We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles. Her Favorite Maverick. Switched at Birth. Same Time, Next Christmas. Almost a Bravo.

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    A Maverick to Re Marry. The Nanny's Double Trouble. Married Till Christmas. Garrett Bravo's Runaway Bride.