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I found these items during a trip to the Castle Wewelsburg. Probably many of you are not familiar with the castle, so please allow me to do a little bit of explaining. The Wewelsburg castle has been around since the 17th Century, the structure of which having begun in Over the years the castle has been used for an assortment of reasons ranging from warfare to being a center of archaeological finds. The most notorious use of this castle, though, came under the jurisdiction of the Das Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler. It is no secret that Hitler was a mastermind and concerned himself with the research and development of many types of magic.

It was converted into a headquarters of occult studies, which was basically for the development of covert magic. Only the highest ranking Nazi officials were allowed into the castle for observation. They brought Jews into the castle by the truckloads for experimentation and execution. This is where the most heinous of war crimes was committed, because it is the site at which many of the Jews were sacrificed in dark rituals.

As a token of superiority and as proper identification, Hitler issued each of the soldiers that was allowed into castle an honorary dagger. These daggers were the only identification that was allowed to serve as a key into the castle. It was under heavy guard at all times and even these guards were murdered and recycled in an attempt to keep the information from inside the castle to be leaked to the rest of the warring world.

Magic played a pivotal rule in most of Hitler's success and had he learned to master this magic just a little bit sooner, we'd probably all be saying "Heil" and be wearing petty coats with "SS" on them. I obtained the pieces during a trip to Germany to visit the immortal that I met in the Black Forest during my first trip to Germany. This was while I was feeling from those who had captured me. While under the influence of the immortal, I was able to master a huge chunk of the powers that were given to me, because the immortals powers were that incredible.

You can read about that in other listings, the reason I even mentioned it was to give you an idea of why I was in Germany to begin with.


I had once fallen in love with the witch that basically taught me how to embrace the powers I had been given. For the sake of her own existence and mine, I had to leave the Black Forest. I return every so often to make sure that she is doing well. Sometimes I drop in on her to ask her a question, but I never stay long. Most of the times, I hide out in the forest, seeing her from afar. I can't stand the thought of compromising her security over my own feelings, so this is how I check in on her when I decided to. While staying in Germany, I decided that it would be a fruitful venture to travel to the site of Wewelsburg Castle.

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I had remembered that there were many rumors circulating during World War II that stated that the purpose of the castle was for the secret magic of Hitler, but nothing had ever been confirmed or denied. I wanted to see the remains for myself; so I did. I searched the castle up and down, which has its own sort of strange energy. It is built in the shape of a triangle on purpose. This was to garner the powers of the sacred holy trinity.

I can assure you, though. There was no trinity there during the times of the Nazis.

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Only turmoil and despair. This is where the energy of the place comes from. It comes from the fact that so many Jews were murdered in cold blood-- or shall I say, sacrificed? I found these knives in a locked chest in a secret chamber in one of the corridors of the castle. After examining the chest and its contents thoroughly, it was plain to see that the contents of the chest had once belonged to the Nazi Party. To whom, I don't really have an idea other than to say that these were the championed possessions of the secret group of Nazis that Hitler allowed into the castle.

As I touched the knives I was transported back during a series of psychic flash backs. In an instant a ritual blew past my eyes, during which several Jews were being sacrificed on a altar on the one of the lower levels of castle. It was almost like a dungeon, but I would say it was more of a torture chamber for the Jews.

SA Daggers

As I watched, the Nazis laughed about killing the helpless Jews in cold blood. They mutilated the Jews body pretty much beyond any reasonable means of identification. After setting the Jew in a stretcher and stretching him to the point where his limbs were about to fall off, the soldier muttered something under his breath and plunged the dagger deep into the body of Jew. He ripped the Jew open like he was a butcher making meat form a cow.

The soldier allowed the blood to flow down his forearms and hands, at which point he was allowed to reach into the occult metaphysical realm and pull out a solitary power. Actually, I was given visions of several of the soldiers doing this, all with a corresponding ritual for a corresponding power.